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Where To Buy 5 Gallon Exterior Paint

Where To Buy  5 Gallon Exterior Paint. Stains Exterior Paint Exterior
Read the directions on the label to determine the ideal application thickness.

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Where To Buy  5 Gallon Exterior Paint. Stains Exterior Paint Exterior

Whether you’re out to paint your whole house or simply touch up the back fence, selecting the best exterior paint or stain for the job can be confusing.

Talk to the staff at a local full-service paint store for additional advice. In either case, be sure to buy a quality product and spread it to the proper thickness. Film-forming finishes like paint and solid stains last longer and have stronger colors, but will inevitably peel and require more effort to renew. However, if you apply them properly, they don’t form a film, so they won’t peel and they’re easier to recoat when they weather and fade.

Acrylic latex resists the corrosive effects of sunlight better than oil-based paint. Siding paint has a flat, non-reflective finish, so your house won’t shine like a brand new automobile. High-quality paints have a higher volume of better pigments for more thorough coverage and better resins for superior adhesion.

Look for anti-slip paint at full-service paint stores. Hardboard has a factory-applied finish, and each brand has specific painting instructions.

5 Gallon Exterior Paint

Where To Buy Masonry Paint
Semi-transparent oil stains work best. They contain enough pigment to color the wood and partially shield it from the sun, but not so much as to hide the texture and grain.

Solid stains contain more pigment and deliver stronger colors. However, they tend to form a thin film and often peel, requiring more time-consuming prep work before you can apply a new coat. So avoid using film-forming finishes like paint and varnish. For a more attractive appearance, apply a semi-transparent oil stain. You’ll have to strip the deck paints and renew the stain every two to four years. Sound and clean concrete, stucco and masonry accept paint well. Moisture that gets under the surface will eventually cause the paint to peel, especially on horizontal surfaces. For best results on vertical exterior surfaces, select 100 percent acrylics. But always discuss options and warranties with an experienced paint dealer before trying an elastomeric. In the end, it’ll cost two to three times as much as standard acrylic paint. It wears more slowly than paint and is easier to renew.

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