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Ultra Smooth Paint Brilliant White 5l Sandtex Price Comparison

Covers between 40 and 60 sq mtrs per 5 litre can in one coat (depending upon absorbancy/roughness of substrate). Clean all tools and equipment in warm water after use. Do not apply if there is a risk of rain or frost or if the temperature will fall below 8℃ (46℉) during drying. It also features excellent crack and stain resistance.

Sandtex price comparison

Screwfix – High quality, extra-durable, smooth masonry paint with microseal technology. Formulated for easy application and …Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint BRILLIANT WHITE 5 Litre – Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint Brilliant White 5l

Apply quite thick coats initially for smoothest finish, but not so thick it runs. Ensure the timber is dry when applying oil as dampness will prevent penetration and will result in poor adhesion. It is also ideal for painting an undercoat on newly plastered walls. Your cost could be £3.00 instead of £23.00.

Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint Brilliant White Second Coat (Part ) Anygood?

great paint for any house that suffers from flaky paint and condensation/damp/humidity.

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