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Tulsa Work Kodiak Custom Masonry. Retaining Wall Retaining Fix
All mortar and sand is on this trailer and all mixing is done on the trailer, not on your lawn. We had the most wonderful experience and our fireplace is amazing!!

Yensay and his staff were great to work with. While not a licensed plumber, he has skills in this area as well. For any masonry service that you may need, rest assured that our work will give your property great style and functionality. They made sure that was remedied before they replaced the brick (no additoinal cost). However, we did not need a new chimney.

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Our crew consists of 4-5 highly skilled masons. We are fully insured and have many references available upon request. I was very pleased with the materials used, the clean up, and the end result. I look at, quality first, then estetic value. Acme sales offices also offer bagged goods, such as masonry and portland cement, as well as masonry tools. We went with manufactured stone from floor to ceiling. I want the stucco to be sanded so we have proper access. If you have reached this point, you must really value what we produce and read us a lot. Building with masonry is a timeless art that provides solidity, permanence, and a real sense of substance to any kind of construction. Show up on time and finished on time. Whether remodeling or starting from scratch, we will provide professional installation of all types that you will make you proud. Other cracks in brickwork were sawn out and repaired. This involved setting up scaffolding very high up and about 3 days of work. The paint matches the rest of the house perfectly. The chimney is now fixed and repainted it is just beautiful!

Wendland men were very very neat & tidy and took care to use padding on the roof so that the scaffolding would not mar the roof.

Wendland has been in the construction business since 1972 and he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of buiding & repair. The products they used and the timely manner which they constructed everything, was amazing. October of 2012 and a 150′ section of a 10′ tall retaining wall collapsed and fell into our yard. The wall looks beautiful and we are good friends after the job. He does the greatest work and we were lucky to find him!!! We wanted large bolders, he delivered!

The first time was for a large backyard project that involved taking out an existing retaining wall and building a new stone retaining wall and planters.

These guys really know their stuff!

He advised we re-grade the lawn toward the creek and extend the width of the back yard in the process. Very personable, efficient, and cost effective. If we had been hired to fix a leak that information would have been in the contract. Crack covered but water infiltrates likely through their repair. I thought it is obvious we are doing all this so the water does not infiltrate. He also said he had taken the drywall out and was concerned about mold. We tried to explain that we were hired to fix the stucco crack and that we were not told of any leaks when we provided the estimate or while performing the work.

Rep go to his house to talk to him in person. We did ask him to please provide any documentation he may have that states we will fix a leak. Per the contract provided the scope of work states we will fix a stucco crack. The contract clearly states it excludes any and all work not detailed in the scope of work. Thursday, with each building a wall of at least 500 bricks. We will do a professional and quality job on all of our projects, big and small. Construction is always growing and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the business. You are busy enough without adding insurance to your “to-do” list, so let us take care of it for you. We also offer the flexibility to meet the challenges of most budgets. Another gave me a verbal ballpark quote. They responded very quickly and should start the project in a couple of days. While not a licensed plumber, he has skills in this area as well. You are busy enough without adding insurance to your “to-do” list, so let us take care of it for you. It was also extremely cracked and almost falling over in one place. They showed up on time, and built a very attractive brick mailbox within budget. I have had a back yard makeover of my dreams. They installed our lynx grill and accessories such as the drawers, doors, side burner and trash can etc. Wendland construction also built the most amazing koi pond and still to this day people are saying this. They installed a separate 3rd waterfall as well that has a glass like sheet of water falling into the pond. They also installed a large log from boulder to boulder laying across the spring giving it a very nice natural look. They were very clear in their explanations of what they were doing, had some good suggestions on the walkway that was replaced and did excellent work.

They stayed right on the original estimate. They also matched the color of the mortar to parts of the wall they did not have to repair. Very professional and courteous crew, and they did a beautiful job with the retaining wall. He worked the rock into the sides of the garage wall so it would all tie into the house. They were clean to the point of tarping everyplace they were working. I honestly couldn’t tell they had been there except for the beautiful rock work. They were very professional and skilled. Their care and attention to details, from accuracy of lining up the rocks to a near perfect straight line at every corner to attention to clean up after the job was done absolutely blew us away.

It all went very good and would like to have them back again to work on my chimney. He provided a quote for a fireplace repair. I was very satisfied with the service. Wendland was conscientious to find brick pavers that match the brick on the house.

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They did an excellent job and were very easy to work with. They took extra care to preserve the historical aspects of the porch.

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