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Toronto Homestars. Retaining Wall Replace Brick Wall
Rene was professional, clean, friendly and efficient. He climbed up to my steep roof and took pictures to show where the damage was. The repairs and new caps on the chimneys look good from the ground. Our garage floor and also cracking and the chimney was no longer being used and we needed it capped. To my surprise there were bricks missing. Looks good and clean and very professional. My roofing is steel and not to be walked on. How will interlocking blocks stop my basement from flooding?

On the day he was to start work, he told us that he needed more money for the job or else we should switch from natural stone to concrete steps.

He was able to get started with 3 weeks. The finished job was of the highest quality. The workers were unobtrusive, answered our questions satisfactorily, cleaned up well and did good quality work, all at a reasonable cost.

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Toronto Homestars. Retaining Wall Replace Brick Wall

He did the work on schedule, is a very honest business person, cleaned up properly when they were done. Unfortunately he did so with various bits and pieces of brick, concrete block, concrete paver, pretty much whatever he could get his hands on.

I marked where tuck pointing was needed. Steps leading the my basement apartment. A mutual walkway and last a 14×14 foot parking pad. The first job was the steps leading to the basement. Two days goes by and it’s arrival time for my father with no concrete poured. On top of fixing the damage itself we would want to identify the root cause to protect your property in future where possible. For a quicker estimate take a photo with your camera phone and send us online. The mortar between your bricks is what holds the brick wall up. Tuckpointing is important so the mortar remains strong to ensure the brick structure remains secure. If you are able to take photo’s of the damage with your cell phone or camera and send us online for a quicker estimate.

Very happy with the job, would have them work for me anytime. They replaced brick which was crumbling and also did some parging. Detailed workers, who were neat and organized. Not only are we happy with the results but he was a pleasure to work with. We where happy to help you out and for being such great clients to work with. He did a beautiful rebuild, and we are thrilled with the results. Very happy with the work and the fast response. He also extended and replaced the chimney liner and the concrete cap. Our mission is to offer unique and reliable services whether you need a retaining wall, brick repair, brick restoration or a chimney rebuild we can handle it all.

The latest proven waterproofing systems. Other masonry experts suggested a partial rebuild of the chimney at substantially more cost. He sent an extremely efficient and really great crew to do the tuckpointing. Jewitt’s fault) they remained cheerful and considerate. He sent us stone samples to choose from. They came when they said they would and finished in a day. Eckhard was diligent, hard working, kind, trustworthy and did a wonderful job on our “concrete/stone” repair and tuckpointing. The entire team was professional, considerate and hard working. They subsequently sent us a detailed and honest outline of the scope of work and the cost. Front flag stone work and looks like new again. This toppled the chimney leaving it in shambles. They cut out any badly spalling brick and replaced with closely matching brick. Ron was courteous and a pleasure to work with. Hadad and their co-worker worked very hard. I heard about the ordeal you went through with the other contractor. Chris was very nice and professional. Daniel even pointed some brickwork outside the scope with his leftover mortar. Carl and his team rebuilt the giant chimneys, and also did parging, multiple damaged brick replacements and three limestone windowsill placements. Carl is friendly, honest, trustworthy and a pleasure to do business with.

Receive leads and respond to reviews. A professional crew from start to finish. He did a great job of patching up and repairing loose bricks and mortar along the exterior wall of our outside door. He explains projects thoroughly and is always available to answer any questions. I look forward to helping you with your next project! Does your flagstone or stone need to be repaired? I am very pleased with the work that was done. Great experience from start to finish. Remove the spaces before the things that should not have spaces before them. Some source control tools don’t like it when files containing lines longer // than, say 8000 characters, are checked in. He doesn’t show at 7 saying that he’s just getting coffee and will be a few minutes. He brought only a spade, wheel-barrow and a sledgehammer to do a big dig. I provided beer, water and even dinner at the end of that day. It’s impossible to back a boat in an 8 inch deep hole into the garage. At 1:30 in the afternoon he texts me saying that my last text was the “last straw” and that he won’t take my abuse and saying that he’s not telling me the truth.

Chapman is not a trustworthy tradesman. The owner’s future response to this review will only explain his unprofessional behaviour. Wouldn’t show up for work/if did would show up at 2pm. A one man show except when pouring cement a women showed up in flip/flops to help. He did steps in the front of the house, not up to code just a shoddy job. Another contractor, whom the clients said they’d used before (but not for this work?)also tried to back their claims, and we provided photo evidence that clearly showed our work to be in accordance with code.

Loganstone said the job would take 5 to 7 days. At the end of the day he left his tools and cords at the front of the house in plain view. It was determined that it would be cost effective to finish the removal once we were sure no more debris would be generated. Two fifty foot walkways were producing unpredictable amounts of removal, which changed our costs. A fence, on ‘unknown’ property, his or the city’s was a barrier to getting concrete into the pour area properly. Mike did a great job with jewelstone. That said, the work we love the most is what he did on the inside with our fireplace transformation (before & after pic’s attached) – just awesome!

In 2016 he did some masonary work around a window sill. They also did some minor work around my door on my flagstone walkway. That meant cutting down the large bushes around the front and repairing the brick work as well. I was very happy with the work, the efficiency and the thoroughness of the crew. A professional quote arrived when they said it would. Came exactly when he said he would, worked diligently all day and did a fabulous job.

Chimney Repair

Masonry Toronto Homestars
He repaired more than 1000 of bricks and tuck-pointed other areas on 3 sides of my house and garage. A total pleasure working with you. Replace old milk box with new bricks. The wall with the mailbox looks original. Whether it’s your chimney that needs rebuilding or repair, a brick wall that needs brick replacement, tuckpointing (filling in mortar between the bricks where it has eroded), or brick cleaning to enhance the appearance or parging (re-veneering a surface with cement).

He came to the house to give me a quote on our chimney repair within 24 hours. Their e-newsletters are also great!

Our job was urgent as we had sold our house and were moving within two weeks. Leonard are professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable with seemingly all types of masonry work. They also built a raised parking pad for me, a short retaining wall in front of my house, poured a concrete walk way between my house and my neighbor and built concrete stairs and an interlocking stone walk way from the sidewalk to my front stairs.

I intend to contract them to do some parging and tuck pointing on one of my exterior walls this fall. You were extremly pleasant to deal with and l9ok forward to helping you with future projects. They were very detailed and easy to work with, helping me select all our materials and brick style. I was scrambling to find a replacement. We’re happy we could so closely match your existing brick colour!

The boys were respectful and cleaned up after themselves when they finished our house. They came on the scheduled day, replaced the chimney amd left the property tidy. We try to make things as hassle free for everyone. Window sills, house pillars, door and window repositioning. Fireplace and firebrick installation and repair. Carl devoted time and attention to work on a well-crafted, long-lasting, quality solution for us and answered all our questions promptly and willingly. Carl came to see the damage for himself without bothering me and put in a detailed estimate. There are a few factors involved, the main one is money (people are in such a rush to finish a project that their quality slips) but a big aspect is methodologies which are used, or not in a lot of cases!

Otto’s and they were a pleasure to work with from the start. He consulted us throughout the work he was doing and ensured that we were happy before he left. My chimney looks amazing and will no doubt restore some value to my house. We look forward to doing future projects with you. Quality of work looks good, they did what they were supposed to do fast and effecient, including thoroughly cleaning up the place after they finished.

They were respectful and did an excellent job. Their service was prompt and courteous, and the work was excellent, with careful attention to the details. They were confident in their abilities to get the job done correctly, within a fair budget and in a efficient timeline. The chimney rebuild took about 3-4 hours and looks great. Cleaned up everything and hosed down the driveway before leaving. The workers are friendly and didn’t make a mass. Start to finish everything was professional done. Maya, the team lead, was a real deal!

Keep up with the excellent work guys!

He was thorough when cleaning the work area as well. Material and crew met our timeline with all of the workers professional and friendly. We would use them again for other stone work. Dave managed to work me in within a week or so, when they ended up with an open day for a couple of guys in between jobs.

Glad to hear you were pleased with our work and it was a pleasure working for you. Brad did an amazing job of laying the stone for my front steps and walkway. He created a piece of art work in front of my house. They left everything very clean and removed the old windowsill and almost all the dust.

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