Thunderbolt Screwbolt Masonry Fixing

Thunderbolt Screwbolt Masonry Fixing. Screw Fix Anchor
Suitable for use with concrete, brick, wood, marble and stone. The wide range of options on offer ensures you have the flexibility to choose the ideal fixing depending on your project and your preferred insertion method.

Suitable for interior and exterior use. That can be crucial as they probably vary in strength and perhaps function. A high speed, low in place cost alternative to conventional masonary anchors. Thunderbolt™ anchors can be installed nearer to edges and closer together at varying embedment depths, providing a stress-free fixings. A mechanical fixing with no expansion stress on substrate. Self tapping thread allows for total removal of the anchor making it ideal for temporary fixings. Thunderbolts and thunderbolt fixings – who uses them?

Thunderbolt you are using into your material, ensuring it is both wide and deep enough. The self-tapping action means you only need to apply a slight downward pressure for the bolt to apply itself into the whole, and works similarly to a wood screw.

Concrete screws are a really fast and easy way to fix to masonry. Once the correct drill bit has been selected you can use these …

Unifix Thunderbolt Masonry Anchor – Thunderbolt Masonry

Thunderbolt Screwbolt Masonry Fixing. Screw Fix Anchor

Made to resist structural and non structural loading in cracked and uncracked concrete. Widely employed for batten, window and door frame fixing. Thunderbolt™ is the cost effective fix for any job. Also – for insurance purposes, make sure you’re not giving thieves easy access to a window, or something?

The thread provides positive, safe anchorage, giving maximum grip with minimum insertion torque. They are available in a flat countersunk or round head. The pressure exerted from the anchor trying to resume its original shape is what gives the split drive anchor its holding values. To finish the job, simply tighten the screw the desired amount and you are done!

Your cost could be £0.00 instead of £7.95.

I give a honest good review because they helped me.

Thunderbolt Screwbolt Masonry Fixing M10 x 150mm

Thunderbolt Masonry
Good value, top quality bolts and a job well done! Rawlbolt type as well as the usual through-bolt used for climbing will try to explode the bricks, definately not what you want. No12 or 5.5 mm screws x 120mm long into 8mm rawl plugs would be fine as you’re spreading the load. Just as an idea of safe loadings, the roof supporting wall plate of the extension on my house is fixed with 16mm sleeve anchors (12 mm bolts) at approx 0.6 metre centres and that supports a few tonnes, not 70-80 kg of climber and 20 kg of ply.

Simple sum – of the total weight of you and the wall, at maximum overhang then divide that by the number of resin anchors along the top of the wall.

Thread cutting anchors for fixing to all types of masonry. These bolts are classed as non-expansion anchors which means they won’t stress the concrete when fixing. Drilled the pilot holes and use a ratchet to secure the base. Used to secure shed to concrete base.

Thunderbolt Installation Guide

A Quick guide to Installing and Relocating the Thunderbolt Ground Anchor.

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