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Tapcon Screws Uk. Screw Anchor
Insert a piece of coated stranded wire into the hole through the wood and into the concrete.
This is a plenty sturdy method for attaching wood to masonry—especially in a pinch when masonry anchors are not handy.
They can be used in applications ranging from attaching 2×4 lumber to concrete, a light fixture to brick, or furring strips to a block wall.

But for maximum strength, use longer screws, up to 1-3/4 in. It’s worth having a couple of screw sizes on hand if you do a lot of projects. Holes for concrete screws should be at least 1/4 in. Cuts thread into concrete, brick and hollow block.

SPIT 921506 Tapcon Hex Head 6mm x 100mm Screws x

Use close to edges and approved for pre-cast hollow pot beams.

In this video, one of our resident fastener specialists discusses concrete masonry screws, including Tapcon screws, and how to …Tapcon Hex Head Masonry Anchors70mm Hex Head Tapcon Anchor 4H70 – Tapcon Masonry Screws Uk

Select the concrete anchor screw to be used. Masonry screws, wedge anchors, sleeve. .. Tips, mistakes to avoid and examples. The positive engagement of the hex bit makes them easier to drive (see photo, p. Good technique is essential for driving concrete screws. It takes a light touch to avoid snapping screws. Stop as soon as the screw is flush to the surface and your material is firmly attached. You’ll develop a feel for the right amount of speed after driving a few screws.
Install the masonry bit in your hammer drill and a driver bit in a variable speed drill. Another option is to buy an installation tool. Occasionally the threads of a screw won’t grip and the screw will spin in the hole. Sleeve anchors are a better option because they work in the solid and hollow sections of the block, as well as the mortar joints.

You also need carbide-tipped concrete bits and a nut driver (hex driver).
Corrosion resistnt coating on the screws. Like all fixings, there is a learning curve. Drll size/technique needs trial on a sample, as these may vary with concrete density. They also allow the screw to be drilled through the fixing and fitted in place.
For a Ø6mm screw drill a Ø5mm hole, which must be deeper than the screw, clean the hole and use a decent cordless to drive the screw.

How To Use Tapcon Concrete Screws

Short video on how to use tapcon concrete screws. Purchase www.confast.com/products/tapcon-concretescrew.aspx.

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