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Structural Home Plans The Architectural Floor Drawing

Figure 1 shows architectural plan of the analyzed structure in this study. Collecting stones—for free—from public lands is also a possibility. Of course, the best source of building stone could be your own property if you’re lucky (or smart) enough… Continue reading

Brick Crack Repair

Vertical corner cracks occur when the soil has dried out and shrunk. This uneven settling can also cause stair step cracks to appear in your masonry or bricks. When this happens, you can get cracks and other damage to your… Continue reading

Ca Building Codes For Block Buildings Standards Requirements

There is a belief among builders who use earthen materials that reinforcement is required only in areas of high earthquake hazard, implying that a geographic area is either seismic or not. Was the house built before 1940? The use of… Continue reading

Modern Practical 2006 Book Reviews

If we need to do this there is no extra charge to you. This work provides a clear and simple guide to the subject, based on meticulous and beautiful drawings. It also includes forms and tables omitted from later editions… Continue reading

Structural Home Plans Owner Built Homes Homesteads

Obviously it is important to get this first layer level, in line, and plumb, as the rest of the wall is established by this first course. No mortar is used and the blocks fit in one position only. One would… Continue reading

Projected Area For Shear One Bolt Verify License Permit Registration

There are four failure modes considered for shear: steel yielding, masonry breakout, masonry crushing and anchor bolt pryout. The masonry code has always had the requirement that there be at least 1/4-inch clearance between the anchor bolt and masonry unit… Continue reading

Better Bond Masonry Solutions

The study clearly demonstrates the superiority of cement-soil mortar over other conventional mortar such as cement mortar. Masonry Solutions Apply adhesive to one surface in a zig-zag pattern or inside perimeter of the object. Stone was rarely, if ever, employed… Continue reading