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Retaining Wall Design Eurocode Calculation List

Two types of licenses are available for this spreadsheet. In addition some sensitivity analysis concerning e.g., the effects of the size and the orientation of windows and the weather data on the energy consumption are made. The wall element may… Continue reading

Proper Concrete Masonry Techniques

The functional and financial success of a project, however, are often determined before construction begins based on proper planning and estimating. DVD BRICK MASONRY TECHNIQUES FOR ARCHITECTS The nominal length of one modular brick plus one mortar joint is 8… Continue reading

Concrete Weight Oneonta Block Company

In general, fire resistance ratings with lower density walls provide more fire resistance. The heat capacity (thermal mass) increases with higher density walls. A variety of finished wall appearances can be achieved by varying the size, color, or bond pattern.… Continue reading

Fire Resistance Concrete Masonry

It takes only 20 minutes for a fire to consume the entire building. But fires also can start outside the house from charcoal grills, grass fires, and heat from nearby house fires. Brick industry professionals have long recognized the exceptional… Continue reading

International Journal A Micro Mechanical Homogenisation

The micro-mechanical model can be implemented in any standard finite element program as a user supplied subroutine defining the mechanical behaviour of an equivalent homogenised material. The aim of the research is to implement and validate a reliable and fast… Continue reading