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Masonry Drill

Long Lasting Drill Bit

Black oxide drill bits for longer life and faster drilling. Very high quality masonery drill bits. Great for drilling concrete, masonry, lightweight block and stone. Masonry drill bits for occasional use do not have to live up to the daily… Continue reading

Bit Sds Masonry Drill Philippines

Specially for working high-tensile and stainless steels. The tools are subjected to application tests to ensure their mechanical resistance during constant use. Impact stop for drilling with 3-jaw chuck adapter and straight shank drill bits in wood and steel. 15pcs… Continue reading

Big Bits Masonry Drill

Keep the drill perpendicular to the surface. If your drill doesn’t have one, try wrapping masking tape around the bit at the desired depth of penetration. Use a 1/4″ carbide tipped masonry drill bit to drill holes through the tile… Continue reading

Cordless Drill Bit

Hammer drill bits will work in a regular drill, but not very good. Rotary masonry bits look the part of other masonry drill bits, but in my experience they are a lot slower to use. You can switch the drill… Continue reading

Drill Bit For Diamond Carbide Bits

The drill bit smoked and turned cherry red. Any geologist will tell you that some rocks are far harder than others. Using a drill with a different arbor? If you do choose to drill near water or with attachments under… Continue reading

Bit Use Drill Screwdriver Help

Do you need to drill through concrete or a masonry wall? Masonry bits are harder metal and made for drilling through, you guessed it, masonry. For basic requirements, a set of high-speed steel twist drills and some masonry bits will… Continue reading

To Accurately In How Drill Concrete

If nobody has (or is prepared to buy) a bit of that length then you could try to use a shorter one, drill through from both sides of the wall as far as possible (of course you´ll have to accurately… Continue reading