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Sure Clean Cleaner Prosoco Klean® Detergent

Sure Clean Cleaner Prosoco Klean® Detergent. Surfaces
Proven effective through years of use. Safer than muriatic acid for new masonry surfaces. Fast and easy to apply – use with cold water rinse. Special wetting agents let larger masonry surfaces be cleaned at one time, eliminating streaking. Not for cleaning buff-colored, glazed brick or masonry with metallic additives. Improves bond of color coatings. Klean® 600 dissolves mortar smears and construction dirt quickly, leaving the masonry clean and uniform with no acid burning or streaking. Proven effective through years of use. Fast and easy to apply – use with cold water rinse.

I this video I show how a union mason cleaned a brick building using acid. I am not a fan of using acid but it is how I understand …Prosoco Inc. 35001 05GAL 5 Gal Sure Klean Custom Masonry – Sure Clean Masonry Cleaner

Product is available in additional sizes. Removes efflorescence on bricks, new concrete and new stone construction. Published shelf life assumes upright storage of factory-sealed containers in a dry place. It’s important so that one can keep track of progress easily during cleaning. Look for minor flaw, shadow, building feature to locate the edges of the pattern. This small amount helps speed the cleaning considerably.


Sure Clean Masonry Cleaner
While there are different methods, working from the bottom up can help provide clear visibility of the cleaning that needs to be done. Safer than muriatic acid for new masonry surfaces. Always test to ensure suitability. Always prewet to reduce potential for detergent residue.

Saturday with this machine and two people. Consistency is so important in our business. The cleaning of the rear wall took longer, but it came out looking exactly like the rest of the building. To make matters worse, we had to do the cleaning when other trades were on the job. Barriers to block spray to the interior spaces were put in place where needed and checked. From start to finish, we were able to clean the entire job in less than four days, meeting the tight schedule.

How To Clean Red Brick With Sure Klean

VISIT US AT: – Don’t go it alone the next time you’re cleaning red brick. Learn from our demonstration with Mike …

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