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Stone Wall Specifications Masonry Standards

Clean each stone and saturate it with water beforesetting it.

in this lecture i show you how we construct the stone retaining wall at sit… we put the stones one by one…….how we put …Stone Wall Design and Specifications The Stone Trust – Stone Masonry Wall Specifications

The size of stones shall not be less than 15cm in any direction. Faces shall be accurately squared and each face joint shall be dressed at right angles. The masonry shall be kept moist on all the faces for at least 7 days. The interactive map and listings by state make it easy. The properly wetted stones should be used toavoid mortar moisture being sucked. Lay the courses with leaning beds parallel to thenatural bed of the material. Regularly diminish the thicknesses of the courses, ifvaried, from the bottom to the top of the wall. Before laying the stone in the wall, shape and dress itso that it will not loosen after it is placed. Clean each stone and saturate it with water beforesetting it. Ensure that the joints and beds have an averagethickness of not more than 1 inch.

Specifications for Coursed Rubble Stone CRS Masonry

Ensure that the vertical joints in each course breakwith the adjoining courses at least 6 in. Do not place vertical joints directly above or below a 12. If a stone is moved or if the joint is broken after themortar has set, take the stone up and thoroughlyclean the mortar from the bed and joints. Whenever possible, properly point the face jointsbefore the mortar sets. Do not smear the stone face surfaces with the mortarforced out of the joints or the mortar used in pointing. Thoroughly wet the joints pointed after the stone islaid with clean water and fill with mortar. Drive the mortar into the joints and finish with anapproved pointing tool. The function of the projecting cornice of a buildingis to throw rainwater free of the building’s walls.

Stone Masonry Footing

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