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Standard Specification For Non Loadbearing Concrete Units CMU Basics

ASTM C90 16a Standard Specification Loadbearing Concrete Masonry Units – Standard Specification For Non Loadbearing Concrete Masonry Units

Standard Specification For Non Loadbearing Concrete Units CMU Basics. Units Mortar Joints

Deliver units in manufacturer’s unopened, labeled, packaging. Defective units shall be removed immediately. Store materials off the ground and keep free from groundwater, soil contamination, mud and dust. Product with visible frozen moisture shall not be installed. Units shall be handled in a manner that prevents breakage and damage. Newly constructed masonry shall be protected from rain by draping a weather-resistant covering over the assembly. Integral, through-body coloring; synthetic or natural iron oxide pigments. Delete shapes and sizes not required. As selected from manufacturer’s standard range. Reinforcement must be included in addition to specified veneer anchors. Vents color shall match color of the mortar joints. Delete mortar strike type not required. Selected and confirmed during construction, as applicable after test area is prepared. Provide adequate lighting for masonry work by placing all lighting a reasonable distance from the wall for even illumination.

CMU Basics

Maintain in place until building structure provides permanent bracing. Tool to match surrounding mortar joints. Concrete units and walls clean during construction. Mortar soiling (including but not limited to droppings, splatters, smears) shall be removed at the end of each day. Mortar droppings that adhere to the exposed face of the units shall be removed using brick/block scrap after being allowed to harden, without causing damage to the exposed face of installed units. Materials accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of cleaning agents on our concrete masonry units.

Solid Concrete Blocks Uses The Size Of ” X ” X ” Inches These Soli

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