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Sharpening Angle 4 Chisel

A bolster chisel is beveled on one-side of the blade and is used to break off large pieces or sections.
A pitcher chisel is beveled on both sides of the blade and is used to cut straight lines.
Sculpting or engraving stone requires a wide variety of specialized tools and chisels.
The most helpful answers are more detailed. I fill out the form on the back of the bond? Never use a chisel that is pointing toward your body.
Wear protective leather work gloves to cut stone products with a masonry chisel.

4 Ways to Use a Chisel

A chisel is a handle with a shaped cutting edge beveled at a variety of angles and in a variety of sizes. A slightly curved (like an axe) profile helpes as well. To cut fast and cool, your wheel must be clean. Next, draw a ‘stop’ line across the back of your chisel with a square and felt-tip marker to indicate how much metal you need to remove.

Heat builds up rapidly on a thin edge. The side-clamping guide works only with chisels whose sides taper to an edge that’s less than 1/16 in. If your chisels have thicker sides, you’ll need a guide that clamps top to bottom.
The side-clamping guide shown here is made by many manufacturers and is widely available in woodworking stores and online. Use a protractor to draw a 25-degree angle on a piece of cardboard, then cut the cardboard with a pair of scissors. The end of the chisel doesn’t have to be perfectly square. Grinding goes fast, but honing can be slow. Creating a second bevel at a lower angle-the grinding bevel-reduces the amount of steel you must hone.

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