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Segmented Dry Cut For 14 Diamond Blade

Segmented Dry Cut   For 14 Diamond Blade. Diamond Cutting Blade
Blades provide constant depth of cut, less machine downtime, and less operator fatigue.

14 Diamond Blade

Segmented Dry Cut Diamond Blade For Masonry
In addition, the optimum bond matrix is engineered for faster, smoother cutting and a long working life. Other slots shapes include teardrop and angled. The weld, which attaches the cutting segments to the core (most segments are laser welded or soldered). The most important fact to know is that the hardness of the matrix controls how quickly a blade wears.

How to dry cut concrete and stonework with an angle grinder fitted with a diamond blade. Remember to always use ear, eye, and …MK Diamond – Segmented Dry Cut Diamond Blade For Masonry

Segmented Dry Cut   For 14 Diamond Blade. Diamond Cutting Blade

For right-angle grinders, hand and table saws. This superior weld also allowed for dry cutting, and water was no longer needed for blade cooling. Diamond saw blades are available with different rim or edge configurations including segmented, continuous, and turbo with the type of rim affecting how the blade cuts.

There are also variations of diamond continuous rim blades. Turbo diamond saw blades are available for both wet and dry cutting applications. Used for cutting blocks, medium-hard building bricks, paving slabs, concrete roof tile and other medium hard materials. How do you choose the perfect blade for the job at hand? The matrix, a metal bond that holds the diamond particles in place until they wear away. A diamond blade used to cut soft, abrasive materials (such as uncured, green concrete) should have a hard metal bond so the exposed diamonds are fully utilized before they shed away.

When cutting through larger aggregate (3/4 inch and up), the blade cuts and wears more slowly. What if you will be cutting more than one type of concrete?

Most diamond blades can cut a range of materials. Some decorative concrete contractors prefer to cut concrete while it’s still green because it minimizes the occurrence of ugly random cracking (especially in warm weather, when concrete hydrates faster) and permits shallower joint depths of an inch or less.

Using a blade wet, on the other hand, reduces dust but makes it necessary to contain or clean up the slurry. Learn more about the applications of these blades for decorative concrete projects. Laser welded diamond segments increase durability. These blades also cut fast, so tou need to make sure you stay in the mortar joint otherwise they can easily stray into the bricks.

I also used this blade to finish out the cuts in the corners of floor decking. The blade was great, and sliced thru the pavers with ease. I could use this blade then to grind/shape the edge smooth. Started to get harder towards the end of the job, but that’s to be expected. This saw blade handled both jobs with ease and is still in great shape waiting for the next project.

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