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Scott Vick.

Scott Vick.. Crew Contractors
You were my friend, from our first conversation, and remained my friend.

Scott Vick is the former Sick boy from WCW.19932 219Th Tonganoxie KS – Scott Vick Masonry

The final product is exceptionally well built, energy effecient and gorgious. The bathroom had not been touched since the house was built in 1920. Masonic groups and youth groups.

His fees are generally higher than other contractors but he is worth every dollar. The workers leave the sight clean at the end of each day. He is honest and his workers are trustworthy. He specializes in old houses, is sensitive to historic details and insists on hiding all new infrastructure. He’s really trustworthy, knowledgable, and versatile, and has a great eye for detail. On time, do good work, and clean up. He created replacement pieces for my antique screen door frame. They are amazingly nice, patient, hard working and honest as the day is long. His crew is polite, and they work incredibly hard. The biggest thing for us was that they were able to correct mistakes that the previous contractors had made, which was a huge relief!

They said they had experience with historic homes, but this clearly was not the case. Besides that, the quality of work was terrible. I hired him to do sheetrock, tape and float, tile work, and some carpentry. William not only did not get our house finished in his 4 month timeline, but at the end of 4 months, nothing had been done.

He threatened us, he screamed at us, he was more unprofessional than any person should ever be. He will build it and install it as a porch swing or as a garden swing with a substantial arbor/trellis support. I had them build some similar cabinets for each of my bathrooms, and again, they did it quickly and meticulously. I hired them to build a longcustom shelf with lighting inside for glass display. David mostly just hangs doors and he does not paint. I have been dealing with contractors since 1998 with my house and have seen the good the bad and the ugliest. The vendor supplied him the stone we chose, and he cut it and delivered and installed it in our kitchen and 2 bathrooms. They appear to do full service as well. A whole house sheetrock job can take small crews weeks but these guys can do just about anything in a few days.

He works by himself now, so he prefers the small jobs that larger contractors are less interested in. My contract with him was to rewire the whole house but ended up only doing half of it but kept demanding money throughout the job.

They were able to fix the poor work that the previous electrician had botched. They arrived on time, and put in full days until our entire house was re-wired. They also weren’t careful and scratched up my brand new sheetrock in the areas around the switches. I was horrified to see that they had been failing because they hadn’t been wired correctly. He installs it with nails under the runners, so it doesn’t damage the floor underneath. Hicks has bamboo and cork as well as carpet and linoleum and the latest in vinyl coverings. Reggie took care of it and at no extra cost. Reggie’s unusual 42″ pier depth (which goes a long way towards long term stability), he replaced the house’s original 4×6 beams with treated 6×6 beams.

The 4 pieces of re-bar used for the pier are tied together to form a square. They performed the work quickly and cleanly. He and his guys always showed up early each day, worked hard all day every day (sometimes even singing!), installed many new posts and beams, all while working in poor conditions.

We have since hired him to do other minor concrete projects, and he and his crew are always professional, courteous, and timely!

Martin is one of the only contractors that still use ceder posts (which many feel is an outdated and less capable technology to use).

He apparently had no idea or didn’t care about the work he was doing. I asked him about the unlevel interior floors and bulges in some rooms and he responded that that was normal and expected in an old house.

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Scott Vick Masonry
I suspect was do to poor work on their part. I sent a check to the main office after the job was finished. I choose them for their experiece with historicially appropriate half round gutter with exposed cleats. Geothermal systems offer even greater effeciency at higher cost but have experienced questionable relability. Areoseal process took 3 hours and reduced air leakage from 18 to less than 1 square inch. I can vouch that his ductwork is really well done. I numeri vengono aggiornati quotidianamente, pertanto le visualizzazioni di oggi non sono incluse.

Scott Vick Vs Steve Bradley (Dark Match)

Date: 18th September 2001 A dark match between Scott Vick(who was supposedly meant to come in as Katie Vick’s brother until …

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