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Rite Cut Grip Steel Masonry Nails

See all condition definitions- opens in a new window or tab. .. Useful in fastening plates to slab flooring. No secret stashes of wood or special hardware. They’re too big for finery, but for large-scale nailing, they’re perfect. I did dig up a few differences you should be aware of. Tremont nails (such as the most excellent fine finish nail) have a rough surface. The other difference is that the masonry nails are made from high-carbon steel and are hardened.

Grip Rite Steel Cut Masonry Nails Construction Concrete Fastener 4

But you also can’t clench the masonry nail, which is when you bend the tip as it emerges out the other side back into the work. It is also used for attaching wood to cinder block, mortar joints, brick walls and fresh concrete. Hammer it into place, keeping the nail straight throughout the process. The length of the nail is important, because at least two-thirds of the nail should be driven into the base, or thicker, material. Nails are usually sold by the pound; the smaller the nail, the more nails to the pound.

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