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Repellent Brick Water Repellents

If you could look behind a brick wall that’s being lashed by a wind-driven rainstorm, you’d see water flowing down the backside of the wall.

Water may enter through cracks or small holes in the mortar. This is the most likely place where water is entering.
The method most modern bricklayers use to butter the one edge of a brick is to cut off the mortar from the bed joint of the brick they just laid and use this to butter the end of the same brick.

Rarely are these vertical joints filled solid with mortar. There’s no guarantee the joint fills solid with mortar.
The horizontal joints (bed) in your brick wall are usually filled in solid and resist water penetration. They block the tiny passageways in the brick and mortar. Brick sealer water repellents work in a different way. Some can reach as far as 3/8 inch past the surface of the brick.
They coat the insides of the tiny passageways in the brick and mortar. You want a silane-siloxane water repellent brick sealer that’s soaks into the brick and mortar. Water repellents rarely discolor brick.
Because they soak into the brick and mortar, sunlight has a tough time breaking them down. If it’s a film-forming sealant, think long and hard before applying it to your brick.
Read the label on the water repellent as they often say once they cure you can’t put on a second coat.

Brick Water Repellents

Once the water repellent is applied and it dries, the brick look just like they did before you started.
You use the backpack leaf blower to simulate what a fierce storm does. Allow the leaf blower to drive the silane-siloxane water repellent deep into the brick wall. Do you think that’s accurate information?

I don’t know the brand or type of sealant used. An excellent product for brick with a ten year warranty. See manufacturer’s technical data bulletin for application instructions. Maintain a clean, dry storage area, to prevent contamination or damage to the coatings.
Fluted-block, masonry with raked joints. The warranty is voided if the top and backside of parapet walls are not waterproofed with metal or similar impermeable, waterproofing material. It can also be applied over or under other concrete coatings or as a protective layer over concrete stains. Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding.
Repair damage caused by water repellent application.

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