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Repair Portland Oregon A Better Chimney

Repair Portland Oregon A Better Chimney. Team Experience Crew
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your fireplace or air duct. We only use the best materials on your chimney and in your fireplace, as well as lots of our products have lifetime warranties. We are not just chimney sweeps and chimney repair specialists, if you have dirty or improperly installed dryer vents, they can be at the root of everything from health problems to house fires.

Any additional questions or concerns?

We will give you a free, detailed and written estimate of your masonry project.

A Better Chimney LLC

To that end, all of my work is guaranteed. If you have a raccoon in your chimney then we will not be able to service it due to the difficulty of properly removing and disaffecting the surface.

Henry went above and beyond what was expected. We are experts in repairing brick work, flashing, caps and tuck pointing. Options for doing this include repairs, restoration, new construction, and all drainage systems that are available. Masters is experienced at all aspects of chimney repair. We take pride that our work is done right the first time. Our team is eager to please, flexible and professional. We specialize in chimneys, fireplaces and restoration.

Chimcare LLC is a full-service chimney and air-duct cleaning company established in 1989 by Richard Peralta in the city of Canby …Masonry Jobs Employment in Oregon – Masonry Repair Portland Oregon

We use only the best quality materials, tools and parts, including water repellants and rain caps. We use drop cloths and plastic off the firebox as we sweep your chimney. Some birds just can’t get enough of a dirty ol chimney. Portland area for over 30 years and have been cleaning them for almost just as long. Rumford firebox with black fire brick and black fireclay. We continued to build chimney to code height for wood using new black brick. Have your chimney cleaned regularly for proper chimney maintenance. Be sure to check out our reviews! Portland area a chimney that runs through the middle of the house and is in need of rebuilding only needs to be torn down to the roof level or 2 feet below the roof.

This is a chance to make this entire process quick and simple. The crew was very hard working and did a good job. A small portion of an 80 feet by 4 feet stone retaining wall collapsed. I wish all my projects went this well. Let us create the right centerpiece for your entertainment and personal enjoyment outdoors. Using your unique inspiration and personal style we can make your dream a reality. Perhaps a decorative column light, lamp or garden entrance?

Ewaterfeatures can be used to skirt a patio, raise turtles or just for watching koi. Winter can slowly destroy your masonry by the large amount of rain or freezing and thawing. We have over 30 years experience in our industry, and work in all weather conditions. Satisfaction is our number one priority. No two properties are alike!

We have many years of masonry experience and will restore your fireplace and chimney to its optimal state. If you are looking for ways to improve efficiency of your fireplace and chimney, our energy-efficient fireplace inserts will do the trick. Stoves are an incredible alternative to a traditional chimney and fireplace, offering a greener and more fuel-efficient option. We will be matching to an existing wall with snowflake blocks. My crew will do all the back fill as well. Also walkway has an area where mortar is cracked and brick is raised 1/2 inch. We can assist you with major historical projects or with minor repairs. If you’re interested in using coatings to their fullest potential but aren’t sure how to start, our experienced team would be happy to help you!

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and a beautiful building shows attention to detail that a dirty building simply can’t!

We want to give you a sparkling property that you can truly be proud of. Our team also installed air/water barriers that allow for greater energy efficiency while preventing mold. Ray was ready to expand, doing some extra residential jobs during weekends and after-hours. I want to place thin brick over it. Bros inspected my walkway, gave me an estimate, and the work would be started the next week. He even explained what to be careful if we decide to hire a different contractor. David is thorough, personable and reasonable with his rates especially since there are always adds to the “basic” jobs. It’s hard to find contractors that have the necessary skills and a sense of pride in the work they do. It is on uneven ground and has a wavy top with a custom board pattern. Ivan the quality is exceptional, he always arrives on time which in itself is rare in this business. He kept me updated on his progress as he was working, and the end result was beautiful. Henry went above and beyond what was expected. The crew was very hard working and did a good job. Well to make a long story short we decided to cover the whole fireplace with cultured stone. He and the crew were professional and courteous, worked diligently, did beautiful work that was to code, and left the area pristine. David is thorough, personable and reasonable with his rates especially since there are always adds to the “basic” jobs.

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