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Reinforcing Calculator Structural Masonry Design Examples

Reinforcing Calculator Structural Masonry Design Examples.
Enter project location, select radius (up to 500 miles); the calculator will generate a list of cities within that area, along with distances in miles.

Structural Masonry Design Examples

Masonry Reinforcing Calculator
To allow the module to model different concrete block types, you can specify either lightweight or medium weight block, and additionally enter a self-weight multiplication factor.

Thickness is the nominal masonry thickness. This module uses a variable width strip of wall section to represent a typical section of wall. Yield point stress of reinforcing. The formulas calculate materials needed for rectangular, circular and irregular shaped slabs. If your wall is over 40 feet long it will add 2x the amount of overlap required. In addition it calculates for two bars for the top row length wise. Enter the horizontal spacing of your bars. Enter the required splice (overlap) of your bars. Enter the amount of bars for your footings.

Estimation of Reinforcement in Foundation & Column. Quantity for Stirrups in Column.Calculating The Deformation and Stress For A Reinforced Concrete Masonry – Masonry Reinforcing Calculator

Reinforcing Calculator Structural Masonry Design Examples.

Test results available upon request. Enter walls as panels and openings, in multiples of 200, separated by spaces. Amrhein values also appear to average in the area of horizontal bond beams as well. Sales tax on materials and supplies. This module uses basic principles of structural mechanics to model the wall as a series of beam segments.

If a non-sensical value is defined (i.e. For 2 story walls this is this prompt will change to be “1st story height”. For the purpose of defining the direction of applied wind pressures, consider that pressure will only be applied to the exterior surface of the wall.

You also enter the start and end distance of the load extent above the base of the wall. Bischoff’s equation for calculating effective moment of inertia.

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