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Reinforced Cantilever Wall Four Types Concrete Retaining

The toe is the other part of the base. They are generally economical up to 10 feet in height for cast concrete structures. The thickness of cantilever slab is larger at the base of stem and it decreases gradually upwards due to reduction of soil pressure with decrease in depth.2.

The stability of the wall is maintained by the weight of the earth fill and on the heel slab together with the self-weight of the structural elements of the retaining wall.

These bars can also work partially in bending and in shear. Readers are urged to familiarize themselves with the material presented in those chapters. Mass concrete walls are suitable for retained heights of up to 3 m. It consists of a stem, toe slab, and heel slab. But it also consists of counterforts are a regular interval which divides the stem.

Four Types of Concrete Retaining Walls – Reinforced Masonry Cantilever Retaining Wall

The base is also divided into two parts, the heel and toe. The counterforts tie the slab and base together, and the purpose of them is to reduce the shear forces and bending moments imposed on the wall by the soil.

Counterfort retaining walls are more economical than cantilever walls for heights above 25 ft.

Cost optimization of reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls under seismic

It consists of a heel slab and the toe slab. Geometry of these walls also help them to maintain the stability. The stem and heel slabs are effectively fixed to counterforts so that the stem bends horizontally between the counterforts due to lateral earth pressure.

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