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Ranks Mark Gallipoli Lodge

Additional marks were sometimes employed to indicate the location where the stone had been quarried. Jewel hand made with great detail & polished to a very high standard. Next to it is the soldering to hold the pin in place. Jewel size is 7.5cm long and 3cm wide at the top bar. Chapters also contribute to specific charities which differ from state to state. Masons themselves would sometimes refer to this or that person as being a “33rd” – thus creating an air of ‘power’ surrounding the degree.

And finally, it is normal to assume that a degree numbered 33 would be ‘higher’ than one numbered 3. Kinda blows up the whole theory of this conspiracy cabal, don’t you think? There are, though, many of theserings still around, tucked into drawers or in old jewelry boxes. Masonic publications, and more will occur.

Mark Master Mason

I will at once proceed to entrust you with thetoken of that rank. It is a wonderful ceremony containing elements of drama and humour, and, above all, strong moral lessons. These have had little effect on the body, however, as many of the organizations criticizing the body have similar degrees among themselves. Advancement to the higher degrees within the body is determined upon merit and service. It was then set up as a separate organization. I know of no use to which it can be put in the building. Overseers then resume their places. Warden then gives knocks on the door of wicket. Were you ever instructed in the due method of receiving wages? Degree in which they are at work, and descend to the last when closing. Sometimes this stone weighs twelve or fifteen pounds, and it is considered a very nice job to carry a block of this weight plumb.

The three “workmen” now form in a line about three feet distant from each other, the candidate being last.

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