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Random Uncoursed Rubble Masonry

Random   Uncoursed Rubble Masonry. Stone Masonry Square Joints Height
The height of stones used in never less than their breadth and their length never less than twice their height. The portions in between the drafts in roughly tooled. The bond should be sound both transversely and longitudinally. The stones to be used in this masonry are of different sizes and shapes. Which of the below joints is used for masonry in arches? Which ratio of cement mortar is used for stone masonry? The length of the quoin is generally kept 45 cm. This is the roughest and cheapest type of masonry and is of varying appearance. It consists of stones, which are squared on all joints and laid in courses. These type of masonry is used for temporary works.

What is the difference between rubble stone masonry and coursed – Random Rubble Masonry Coursed

Random   Uncoursed Rubble Masonry. Stone Masonry Square Joints Height

The stone masonry has very high crushing strength due to which it is used in the construction of dams, piers, docks, and other marine structure.

It is ensured that the sizes of individual stones are in conformity with the general proportions of the wall in which they are placed.

uncoursed rubble masonry

Random Rubble Masonry Coursed
Almost all the courses are of same thickness. Bond stones should run through the backing when the wall is less than 80 cm in thickness. The stones on the face should have full joints for a specified distance from the face. The stones used are taken directly from quarry. One stone is used for every square meter of face work. In general, stones are laid with their longer axis roughly horizontal and along the length of the wall. This type of masonry is costly in construction as involves heavy cost of dressing of stones. In first class masonry, generally all the courses are of the same height and the minimum height of the course is limited to 15 cm.

The through stones provided to bind the two faces together are spaced at 18 m. Which stone is used for buildings situated in industrial towns? It can be of any size, shape as per requirements. Depth of course may vary from 20-30cm. It has been used for construction since ancient time. The beds and sides are finely chisel dressed but the exposed face is dressed by rough tooling. The exposed face of the stones is not dressed but is kept as such to give rough facing. It is special type of ashlar rock faced in which the strip provided around the perimeter of the exposed face is chamfered at an angle of 45 degree to a depth of 25 mm.

It is provided along with brick or concrete block to give better appearance. Vertical joints are not plumbed, joints are filled and flushed. Thickness of mortar is uniform through out. The stones are all squared and properly dressed. Bricks in civil construction work ? At least one fourth of the face stone should tail back into the heading for ensuring proper strength to the work.

Classification Of Stone Masonry

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