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Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Q: How much will it cost to install pavers in my 2000 square feet driveway?
Suppose the old “initial” pavers demolition, labor, brake away the concrete/sidewalk etc.
A: We charge around 6$ per sq. Foot, all materials (sand, pavers etc) are included. In many cases a demolition is also included in this price. We may also take into account demolition or dismantling, rubbish removal, travel distance, dimensions, paved area location (backyard, front yard, sidewalk etc). Contact us for more information

Q: How to install pavers or concrete around a pool?
A: You’ll need a little common sense, compacted sand and good brick saw.

Q: What is the best “ground” to use as landfill?
Our land is sloped and it seems that when it rains all our soil/sand/etc.gets washed down to the creek. I know we want to put up some sort of retaining wall but what we need to use to fill? Should it be rocked bottom? What should I expect to pay for fill it? We reside in Long Island.
A: As long as you’re creating a retaining wall to quit the erosion you can use a rocks to let water drain without taking soil along with it as the top layer has to be wealthy topsoil for growing grass or plants.

Q: In New York, where is the cheapest supplier of retaining wall block? My wall is 50? tall. I prefer the bigger stones. 16″ wide and 8″ tall. Keystone is good but pricey. I need bit less than 700 square feet.
A: You may possibly try – I’m certain there are lots of leftovers out there for walls. Or you may try some constructing stores: try

Q: I have a fireplace, it has to be repaired. What is the best choice for the repair? Will need new mortar in the points and I’m not sure the whole internals condition of the chimney. What would be the best to do?
A: This is something that’s best left up to an expert.
It depends on the codes in your area, the type of heat you have, what do you use in the chimney, gas, wood, heating oil or several variations.
You may need a metal liner, etc. Call the experts in.

Q: I need resurfacing a 30 yr old Tudor house in New York. What would be the best choice brick or stucco?
A: Brick more appropriate for your problem and the weather. Stucco is generally better in the southern part of the U. S.

Q: How can I clean a rough brick wall covered with mold?
A: The problem should be solved upstream; eliminating the moisture.
You can remove the stains temporarily scratched with a brush and muriatic acid diluted in water and very ventilating the room. During treatment, you put a gloves, mask and goggles.

Q: I would like to build by myself a concrete staircase. How it works?
There is a cellar under my house that I would turn into a tavern. To access thru the hole in the floor and I would like to build a concrete staircase. The space is available; the height of the basement is about 8 feet.
A: It is not a simple thing if you are not in the trade. I suggest you made of wood, there are also prefabricated wood very elegant.

Q: How can I remove old steel basement window frame from masonry foundation?
A: One way to try is to use a recipricating saw with a metal blade. Cut into the frame. Then run the blade up or down between the frame and masonry.

Q: What a landscape rock of 15”wide x 6” high x 12” deep can cost (for a retaining wall)?
A: The solution depends on good deal on the sort of rock you are going to use. Go to a landscape center that sells stone and choose the stone you want to use. It will be sold by the pallet and you need to be capable to get an idea of how many square feet a pallet will cover. Dependent on the average thickness of the stone, you can figure how many pallets you require.

Q: How could I build an arch in exposed brickwork?
I would like to build a terrace supported on four arches from bricks; I would like to know a trick to carry out the work. Thanks,
A: You have to make a temporary wooden structure, to support your arches while the build.

Q: What proportions of mortar for joints in masonry and what materials?
A: Half and half cement and sand (fine sand). The color for cement and sand is white if you want the white joints and so on.

Q: How much does a handmade clay brick may cost?
I’m considering the purchase of a farm house of the early ’900.
The cost is low because it’s totally demolished, but being made of handmade clay bricks (expensive material) the real estate agent told me that I could trade with the dismantling company that could do the work virtually for free (i.e. paying by bricks).
A: If the work they’ll do for free, it’s mean the bricks will cost = their labor.

Q: If I’ll have a question regarding your business, how can I get answer?
A: Simple contact us or use our contact form.


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