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Preservation Group. Replace
For example, their work restoring church steeples and high towers often has workers suspended in a harness or in the cabin of a crane.

Their workers always wear respirators, but the respirators alone do not always provide enough protection to meet the new standard. It handles projects for historic buildings, parks, brides, religious structures and parking garages. We often see this extent of deterioration in chimneys as they are most exposed to weather and consequently, chimneys have often been incorrectly repaired previously.

Part 1 of this video series demonstrates best practices for clearing or (cutting) mortar joints in preparation for repointing …US Heritage Group – Masonry Preservation Group

Preservation Group. Replace

Missing and broken glass was replaced. The project also included the restoration of over 50 leaded, clear, diamond light windows. The samples made from the castings show the striations and blending of colors in the cast stone, creating just the right look. Sometimes deterioration of stone or brick masonry structures is to the degree that they can no longer simply be re-pointed and need to be rebuilt.

Our craftsmen take the time to document the existing shape, dimensions, orientation, etc. After the two-hour session, the contractors were confused and concerned. In 2011, when construction tanked in the post-recession period, the number fell to a low of 88, but rose to 113 as building picked up.

Pennsylvania led the nation in silicosis fatalities, according to a study that tracked silicosis deaths between 1968 and 2005. Silicosis causes scarring in the lungs, making it harder to breathe.

2018 Preservation Awards

Masonry Preservation Group
Matt accepted when he was offered a job as part of the sales staff at the end of that summer of grueling roof work.

Matt was managing the production division where he was responsible for the field staff, procurement of materials, safety, and quality. Our team of experienced professionals have enhanced the viability of thousands of projects over more than three decades of proven performance with an established record of award-winning success.

Gargoyle is mounted to buildings for protection by scaring away evil spirits.

Exterior stone was cleaned and repaired, and the lion’s face on the basin side received a newly carved stone dutchman to replace the portion of his face that had been broken during an attempt to remove one of the original pipes.

This missing plaque had to be recreated by a bronze sculptor using the broken stone lion head as a model. The marble benches behind the fountain were cleaned and reinstalled. Tie rods were chosen since they offer the least visual impact. In the past decade, the general public has demonstrated a great fondness and attachment for its bridges. The damaged asbestos-contaminated ceiling was replaced with a perforated metal ceiling reproducing the articulation of the original tiles. Restorative treatments recreated the rich color palette of the original decorative scheme. With this project, that vision has been renewed. Certainly this effort has given us some new consideration for what might – in the future – be considered appropriate treatment.

Ocean Club Roof Reconstruction Video

Drone video of Ocean Club’s roof reconstruction project. Courtesy of Masonry Preservation Group, Inc.

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