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Precision Masonry; Athens Alabama

Precision Masonry; Athens Alabama. Workers Experience Driveway
I have 25 years of on the job construction experience. John was very fair and only charged me for additional materials. If you have been dreaming of spending summer nights on your patio, or need pavers from your backyard shed to your driveway, we are the name to know. Whether you have an exact plan in mind or you need help envisioning stonework on your property our team can help. Maybe your chimney is starting to chip away at the top. No matter the size or time frame for your project, your needs will be met. The cracks in the mortar was not so huge, but need to take care of these sorts of things.

Having concerns about your stucco in the Philadelphia area? Call Precision Masonry at 610-726-4517 to get the job done right.Precision Masonry 323 Hemlock St Roselle Park NJ Masonry – Precision Masonry

Precision Masonry; Athens Alabama. Workers Experience Driveway

We provide expert stone and brick masonry contractors for all kinds of new construction as well as masonry repair. Between cosmetic repairs and structural overhauls, there’s nothing our team can’t handle. In addition, stonework has a long lifespan and is easy to maintain!

Our experience makes the difference. We told him that we paid what was agreed upon – the estimate. He got mad and left within minutes, without saying anything else, and never returned to wash the old part of driveway. The only thing that we were happy with was the workers – hard workers. John was very fair and only charged me for additional materials. I got a driveway repair, and went in with my next door neighbor on a slab between our driveways. However, another neighbor, on the other side asked for work too. The dumpster, which was supposed to be removed at the end of my job, was left behind on my property to collect debris from that job. The next job the workers came out – must say his workers are wonderful – hard workers. When cement is delivered, it is little short. The workers pull some from the top to fill the bottom of drive. Wednesday at 10, which was pushed back to after lunch.

Precision Masonry; Athens Alabama Brick and Block Masons

Precision Masonry
John, who stated he was behind on another job due to rain. John into increasing the load to 7 or 7.5 yard. I had a bad experience dealing with the father and some of his subordinates.

Precision Masonry Jbj Llc Precision Masonry JBJ has been providing …

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