Precast Sill Concrete Block

Precast Sill Concrete Block Lintel Height
Some details also offer sub-detail options. If there is a moisture penetration problem, it is easier to repair a sill than to fix the wall. This water could eventually enter the building or deteriorate the mortar and/or sill through freeze thaw cycles. The lintel height (if stone) equals brick coursing minus one joint. The height of the lug must equal brick coursing minus one joint. Lug sills must be set in place prior to any masonry work surrounding the opening since the masonry rests on the sill lug. Several of our standard pieces can also be used as lintels.

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Precast Sill Concrete Block Lintel Height

Select a detail from the links shown beside the backup wall section. The model can be reviewed in layers to show construction sequencing with the bottom button. Do not support concrete lintels on wood construction. Even one-piece stone or precast sills may take on moisture at the interface of the sill and masonry jamb, window failures, material imperfections, or porous material structure.

concrete sill block

Precast Masonry Sill
In general, whenever flashing is installed in a masonry wall you should also install weep vents – masonry sills are no exception. Examples of under sill weeps may include: rope wicks, tubes, half-tubes, or cell vents lying on their sides. The sill height equals brick coursing to the bottom of the lintel, minus the overall window dimension. Lug sills are sills that project into the brickwork at either side of the masonry. They can be used to highlights differents parts of a building.

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