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Phoenix Degrees Freemasons’ Royal Bernard E.

Phoenix Degrees Freemasons’ Royal Bernard E.. Secret Lodge
I am 8 sure he will, for there are wide and unavoidable differences of opinion on some of the subjects discussed by me. The brethren immediately assemble around the altar in a circle, and kneel on the right knee, put their left arms over, and join hands as before.

Temple was finished in the short space of seven years and six months, to the amazement of all the world; when the cope-stone was celebrated by the fraternity with great joy.

Scarcely less important to our ancientbrethren than their corn and oil was wine. He must give labor to his neighbor or carrystones for his brother’s temple. Freemasonry, he will receivecorn, wine, and oil in measures pressed down and running over and know afraternal joy as substantial in fact as it is ethereal in quality; as real inhis heart as it is intangible to the profane world.

Pillars, two are here selected as vivid and important. Thefactors of mightiest import cannot be caught up in speech. But it is not the power but the use of powerwhich is good or bad. Power is without either virtue or vice; theuser may use it well or ill, as he pleases. Fellowcraft between the pillar of strength – power; andthe pillar of establishment – choice or control. Solomonbelieved the earth stood still while a hollow sphere with its inner surfacedotted with stars revolved about the earth. It is to benoted that both terrestrial and celestial spheres are used as emblems ofuniversality. We are ignorant of any other sun which has anyinhabited planets in its system. A symbol of universalitywhich applied only to the earth would be a self-contradiction. Fellowcraft juststarting his ascent that he does not climb alone. Master are sowell recognized that they may be considered universal. East to preside or to confer adegree; he may then resume the gavel at his pleasure – even in the middle of asentence!

Master is notrelieved from responsibility for what occurs in his lodge. Master’sright to control lodge business and work. He can initiate and terminate debate at his pleasure and can proposeor second any motion. Master hasthe right to say who may enter and who may leave the lodge room. Lodge will unquestionably rule such a drastic step arbitrary and punishaccordingly. Master would bein the anomalous position of having great responsibilities, but no power tocarry out their performance. He is responsible for the accuracy, the fair-mindedness, the speedand the intelligence of such investigations. Egypt knew five minor planets, five elements, fiveelementary powers. Greeks had four elements and added ether, the unknown, making a cosmos of five. There are many plans onwhich a man may build a life, not one only. Architecture is perhaps the most beautiful andexpressive of all the arts. Architecture is not hampered by the necessity of reproducingsomething already in existence. If his genius be great enough, the architect may tell in his structure truths which may not be put in words, inspire by glories not sung in the divinest harmonies.

It recognizes that the physical is as much a part of normal lifeas the mental and spiritual upon which so much emphasis is put.

I finding them worthy, so far as is in my power without material injury to myself or family. God, and make me steadfast to keep and perform the same. I have no doubt that we shall select some one who will be satisfactory to you. Here a scene of confusion takes place, which is not easily described.

Freemasons’ Book of the Royal Arch by Bernard E. Jones

Phoenix Masonry Degrees
Master is pressed on all sides to put the question. Lodge be closed; another one hopes it will be closed in a short way. How gained you this distinguished honor? Master should be covered; while the rest of the brethren remained uncovered. What are the duties of the chair? Degree, teaching by practical illustration, is apparently grave, though withal rather amusing. Master, at his installation into office. Degree, the necessary instructions p. The ballot issecret and both the laws and the ancient usages and customs surrounding it arevery strict. Fellow or turned back for further instruction depended on itsperfection. Apprentice learn his work well is in his own interest. It is of interest to the lodge that the initiateknow his work well. Masons may be very useful in lodge; thesloppy, careless workman can never be depended upon for good work. To drop out a word here, put in a newone there, eliminate this sentence and add that one to our ritual seems to be aminor matter in a man’s lifetime.

But as a wholethe printed portion of our work is substantially what it was when it was firstbrought to this country more than two hundred years ago.

Mason of olden time could go to his source for reinspiration – wecannot. The ritual wehand down to our sons and their sons’ sons will be their bond with us, andthrough us with the historic dead. Fraternityby petitioning a lodge for the degrees. But she givesonly to those who honestly desire the gift. We are initiated into a new worldwhen we first go to school; adolescence is initiation into manhood or womanhood;we undergo an initiation when we plunge into business or our professions;marriage is an initiation into a new experience, a new way of living, a newoutlook on life; the acceptance of a religious experience is an initiation; anew book may initiate us into a new interest.

The school-boy who will notstudy, the man who will not work, the reader who is not interested in his book, the churchgoer to whom the service is but an empty form to be gone through oncea week because “it is the thing to do” – these gain nothing from suchinitiations.

In the world without most laws are”thou shalt not” and enforced by penalties. Freemasons obey their laws not so much because they must as becausethey will. The soldier’s uniformallows his greatest freedom of action. Masonic initiation is wholly a symbolicmatter, but with deeper meanings and greater than are apparent on firstacquaintance. Fire gave light and heat andprepared the food – it, also, was life itself. and early man could imitate themovements of his God. Aaron, personification of highpriest-hood, representative of the solidity of his group. Business secrets areoften of value in proportion to the success of keeping them. From all of ussome things are secret and hidden that might be open and known – if we had thewit or would take the trouble to learn.

Mathematics are a secret from the ignorant. Freemasonry is a secret from the profane – and for thesame reasons!

Masonry is an honorable secrecy; any good man mayask for her secrets; those who are worthy will receive them. Freemasonry is anxiousto give of he r secrets to worthy men fit to receive them but not all areworthy, and not all the worthy seek.

Let it be said with emphasis: thepenalties are wholly symbolic. Cornish oath in which goll or the hand, uplifted, was offered as a sacrifice if what was said was not the truth. Similarly, to be interred in land which was noman’s property – between high and low water mark – was symbolical of spiritualdeath.

Masonic lodge canexist, much less open or work. Bible on the altar is more than the rule and guideof our faith. Bibleis here a symbol of all holy books of all faiths. Degree, with a drawn sword in his hand. Master gives two raps with his gavel, which brings all the subordinate officers on their feet; and each, standing in his place, recites his duty on being questioned.

Degree in which they are at work, and descend to the last when closing. Deacon’s associate also takes a similar block to carry. Sometimes this stone weighs twelve or fifteen pounds, and it is considered a very nice job to carry a block of this weight plumb.

The three “workmen” now form in a line about three feet distant from each other, the candidate being last. The second workman then presents his block, and it is tried and returned the same as the conductor’s. Candidate presents the keystone. The conductors pass on, and take their seats. The candidate then presents his keystone. At this moment all the brethren begin to shuffle around the room, leaving their seats. Senior, attend to the cause of that alarm. The door is then opened–the candidate enters. Captain then returns to his post. Mason those virtues should be as expansive as the blue arch of heaven itself. They then balance three times three, bringing the right band with some violence down upon the left. God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same. The candidate kisses the book as directed. May the solemnity of the ceremonies of our institution be duly impressed on our minds, and have a happy and lasting effect on our lives!

and since sin has destroyed within us the first temple of purity and innocence, may thy heavenly grace guide and assist us in rebuilding a second temple of reformation, and may the glory of this latter house be greater than the glory of the former!

The reading of these verses is so timed, that just when they p. Incline thine ear unto wisdom and apply thine heart to understanding. Masonic conception of beauty cannot be of material beauty. God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same. At this point the conductor unties the hoodwink, and lets it fall from the candidate’s eyes. The conductor having previously removed the cable-tow from p. Crafts wore their aprons with the flap turned down and the corner turned up, and thus you will wear yours, until further advanced. Lodge-door, and, taking the candidate by the left arm, he leads him forward through the door in front of the pillars. God created the heavens and the earth, and rested on the seventh day; therefore our ancient brethren consecrated this day as a day of rest from their labors; thereby enjoying frequent opportunities p.

Brother, the first thing that particularly attracts our attention are (here the conductor steps forward) two large brazen pillars (pointing at them with his rod), one on the right and one on the left hand.

They are the noblest instruments for improving the mind, and giving it the most distinct idea of any problem or proposition, as well as enabling it to solve the same.

They were cast hollow, and were four inches or a hand’s breadth thick. Beauty; for it is necessary that there should be wisdom to contrive, strength to support, and beauty to adorn all great and important undertakings. Secretary, you will make the record. Master, and get his permission before admitting any one. Repair to your post, and be in the active discharge of your duty. Masons at the present day, though there are two or three ways. Gabe, on receiving further light, you perceive more than you have heretofore. Your conductor will answer for you. Degrees indiscriminately, but more especially the trowel. Lodges, the brethren on this occasion attire the candidate with a very rich apron and yoke. Master silently steps to the east, near the candidate’s head, and strikes the hour of low twelve (which is twelve o’clock at night) on a triangle or bell.

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