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Ceramic fortified for the ultimate in waterproof protection. It’s naturally porous, and that means it’s susceptible to moisture. The builders did not, however, waterproof the garage. Ideal for areas where a smooth, bright white finish is desired. Withstands 15 pounds of hydrostatic pressure, greater than a wall of water 33 feet high. I allow the first coat to dry overnight and then apply additional coats, as needed. No chipping or flaking has been observed. Make sure that it stays untouched for several days. If the other side is wet, then the problem is condensation. V shape into any of the cracks and fill them to make sure that the repair is strong.


How can you tell if a surface is too wet to paint?

Paint and Accessories – Drylok Extreme Masonry Paint

It’s also cost-effective and, for the average contracting crew, relatively easy to work with. Once it has cured, the waterproof coating resolves to a high-gloss finish that’s easy to clean, if necessary. Breathable film – does not trap moisture in masonry. It is available in powdered form and ready mixed, which can simply be painted straight onto the wall. Give these areas an additional coat.

Waterproofing Block Walls With Drylok Extreme

Masonry walls are strong and secure… but they aren’t always waterproof! In this video, I use a highly effective waterproofing …

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