Oldcastle Concrete Units. Structure
Ecology blocks are ideal for use as divider walls to create storage bays for materials such as aggregates. Ecology blocks can be quickly deployed and used as a permanent structure or dismantled and reused. Manufacturers also have started stamping the face, so the blocks aren’t perfectly smooth, opening the door to different appearances. Florida, stucco-grade block is the norm.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhcYdVmbSIk Oldcastle Architectural Launches Echelon Brand to Consolidate Product Lines – Oldcastle Concrete Masonry Units

Architectural appearances of block continue to evolve. Ecology blocks can be used as a permanent structure or dismantled and reused. Midwest feature automated processes that create a diversity of custom products. This program will cover the vast range of masonry units available and their potential uses. The glass is first sterilized at high heat temperatures, and then ground by a proprietary process into very fine glass aggregates.

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Oldcastle Concrete Masonry Units
The image shown above is ready to download and print straight away. You get to build miniature houses and even then you have to find a way to make them stable and to give them a nice layout.

Insultech System Overview

Performance and Design. The Insultech™ ICMU (Insulated Concrete Masonry Unit) Wall System, part of the Echelon Masonry™ …