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Obelisk Symbol Of A Sacred Assembly

Memnon, and of these hardy sphinxes, keep their secrets well. Ancient religions had two meanings, or interpretations. Gnostic pool of ignorance and attempts to demonstrate that the“masculine journey” progresses through six life cycles. Scriptural support for their claims. Typhon,
by treachery, stole the body, cut it up into 14 pieces and hid them inas many places. Then there are the machines themselves and the ridiculous extent to which they are not secure from hacking and external manipulation.

A Sacred Assembly

and we are supposed to believe that this was some kind of ‘oversight’ and not part of the hidden agenda of the powers that be in America to manipulate voting results?

I explain how easy it would be–if, indeed, the powerful forces in our country actually valued democracy over their own personal agendas. Thanks, you’re keeping conscious media alive. If it is a masonicsymbol, the teachings explaining it, have been lost. Or maybe it’s one of those things you don’t learn until you get to the 33rd degree. I guess what is discussed within the meetings is still secret but, all of the esoteric knowledge they are supposed to hold has been disclosed for theworld to see for some time now.

As a matter of fact, we have a joint picnic/fundraiser with them every year and get a huge turnout. But some critics rightly pointed out a lightweight capstone on the 6 million ton stone pyramid would be like placing a flea on an elephant’s back.

The length of the third step varies from 17 ft. These ornaments have a relief of about four lines. The length of the cuttings is 4 in., their width 2 lines. This block is also of syenite granite. This stone presents a curious phenomenon. In the perimeter, formed by these sides, are three steps of calcareous stone and of granite. They do it because it helps to resonate the energy field to the vibrational frequency they want. If it were not so, why all the need for secret societies?

You can not draw a straight line on a map to fly or sail straight. Modern occultists however often use these spiritual symbols to garner energy for themselves. The problem is how they are used in our society, they keep people in subservient hypnotic slavery. I think they are ancient symbols ancient geometry recognized over the world, incorporating them in structures seems to make perfect sense. Here is some related material, you may want to watch, very informative. People are massively disinformed, and on a daily basis. Big business and bigger banks are running amok. The media’s failure to cover the real story proves there’s something they aren’t telling us. Another walks very slowly around a tree. There are those who are enlightened and those who are not. Polygraphs are not admissible as evidence in court because they’re based on anecdote. Such an event is too massive to keep secret. Can we trust them who do not trust us?

The dome as an ovary or representing female, and the obelisk as an errection, what are they giving birth to?

I think only this area remained uncovered in an, otherwise, amazing breakdown of the the world around us. The length of the north-south and east-west diagonals is 10 miles times the square root of 2, or 14.142 miles. The mean radius of the earth is 3, 960 miles, divided by. 0911231 = 43, 457. The mean circumference of the earth is 24, 880 miles, divided by. 5725 = 43, 458. Joe citizens, are part of the pyramid’s base not displayed. In fact, by giving the public a bone to chew on it actually provides enough disinformation and deception to mislead curious truth seekers. Whoever controls a nation’s money and information controls the people. The truth about the 911 attacks is self evident amongst the abundance of evidence. Freemason and incredibly evil man, under whose administration the occult symbols were placed upon our money. It takes 7 minutes through special access corridors to walk directly across the facility. Bible says to turn away from such evil people. Beast; not necessarily the number of his mark placed upon people’s hands and forehead. With 45 winches, 160 horses, and a crew of 800 workmen, the task of moving began. Washington inside receives little notice. Egyptian forebears this obelisk would be made not from a single stone but from marble blocks weighing 81, 000 tons. Masons now as builders of human society. Egypt by ancient emperors with delusions of grandeur. Work on the monument was abandoned when it cracked while being carved and so it remains, in situ, just as it was left thousands of years ago when the workers walked away from it.

The tools used were metal, such as copper, and stone. The unique aspect of this loading process is that the boats remained in dry dock until the pillars were safely on board. Thebes where a ceremonial ritual and vast crowds awaited their arrival. The unique part of the ramp was a funnel shaped hole, filled with sand. When the obelisk had been positioned on its base and fastened there, the ramp was removed and the priests and royal household arrived to take part in dedication rituals and in ceremonies in honor of the god of the stone (194-195).

Egyptian sources which would seem to indicate that the base of the obelisk was beneath the ramp and covered with sand. Egyptian government in the modern era. Nile to be partially submerged during the river’s annual flooding, thus symbolic of the watery creation of the world. These obelisks would have been carefully measured and cut to conform to the size of a particular temple and the position they would take up there.

Egyptians, the monuments which pierced the sky and honored the gods were worth the trouble. Obelisk depict military campaigns, hunting, victory banquets and scenes of tribute bearing. Italian government made the first steps toward its return, and in 2008 it was finally re-erected. Confederate soldiers buried at the cemetery. Initially they used more than 100 people to try to tow it but were unable to budge it. Over the course of a day, the workers towed it 10 to 20 feet. To begin, the obelisk was lying on a gravel and stone ramp. Men raised the obelisk by slowly removing the sand while three crews of men pulled on ropes to control its descent into the pit.

The obelisk had to catch a turning groove which would prevent it from sliding. They used brake ropes again to make sure it did not fall forward.

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