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Modern Chimneys Requirements

The effectiveness of heating equipment is constantly improved. The solutions of energy saving and environment lead to increase of efficiency of heating units and reduction of emissions in atmosphere of harmful substances.

Therefore modern fireplaces, furnaces and boilers make more and more rigid demands to chimneys and conditions of their operation.

They are compelled to maintain heats of smoke gases, to provide smoke flow in conditions of low gases temperature, to resist to influence of a condensate of aggressive acids, and also to meet requirements of fire safety.

Below some criteria characterizing quality of fireplace chimneys:

  • Aerodynamics – all elements of a chimney should provide a appropriate gas flowing (it is necessary to note, that the round section of an internal pipe promotes fast and almost unobstructed smoke gases upward removal; in a rectangular chimney in each of corners there are local resistance).
  • Easy maintenance – the smoother internal chimney surface, the lesser degree develops process of scuffing of soot and dirt, as a result a cleaning and maintaining will be less often required.
  • Resistance to corrosion and erosion – combustion of acid containing in fuel and humidity corrode chimney bricks and its seams, therefore chimney materials should possess certain characteristics of corrosion resistance.

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