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I just drape a blue tarp over the whole thing and wait until spring?

The temperature may drop rapidly after sunset.
Frost hollows can occur where cold air is drawn into valleys.
If mortar freezes during storage any frozen material must be discarded. This is likely to require two layers – thermal protection such as hessian or some form of quilting and a waterproof sheet to stop the under layer getting wet. 

Be careful not to let the painting contractor rush you into painting your exterior based on his/her timeline. Different paint manufactures state minimum temperature application on their labels, and some state that you can paint as cold as 35 degrees. If you are going with a much deeper color change, expect two coats of paint, and a longer drying time to allow for the added tint in the paint.

January snow storm?) it may be better to wait until the spring. Atlantans let us not forget the pollen we experience. However, the increased rate of hydration of the cement and favourable curing conditions in warm, humid weather will help develop masonry strength if sufficient water is present at the time of construction.

However, some precautions need to be taken to ensure a satisfactory result. What steps should you take before attempting to paint in cold temperatures?

Paint adhesion can be negatively affected by the surface having too much moisture.

How to paint in cold weather. Cold weather painting hacks. Painting an exterior in cool or cold weather can be slower. How to …– Minimum Temperature For Exterior Masonry Workh22W_6CGL-S0PEPsJOh4A8

It is important that heaters used for this purpose do not produce water vapour.

NHBC Standards 2011

Because warm air rises, ground floors and walls near to floor level may be slow to respond to heating after a prolonged cold period.

To avoid damage to screeds, plaster finishes and woodwork, heating should not be excessive.
Plasticisers (which entrain air during mixing) can provide improved frost resistance to mature mortar and concrete.
The use of accelerators may assist the mortar or concrete to set before temperatures fall.

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