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Miniature MODELLING Ideal Cutting Stacey’s

Miniature MODELLING  Ideal Cutting Stacey’s. Texture Mix You can also cut up egg cartons and glue the pieces on the same way.

This shows our 12 varieties of Miniature Brickslips, thin slips of REAL BRICK, perfect to give you a solid REAL BRICK finish to your …Stacey’s Miniature Masonry REAL STONE vinyl cladding melbourne for your – Stacey Miniature Masonry

Miniature MODELLING  Ideal Cutting Stacey’s. Texture Mix
The bricks look amazing and it is so good that you managed to get both styles of brick to match. I especially abhor people who think it ok to use their children to try to get their own way. I want it to be textured and look realistic. I put off trying the egg carton method.
I mix latex paint in spackle for riverstones so the surface texture is smooth just like rocks would be. I always hesitated to use it, but your work is awesome!

MODELLING TOOL Ideal for cutting Stacey’s Real Miniature Brick and

Stacey Miniature MasonryYou can make your own paper mache mix to make a sheet of the stuff like the egg cartons. The you can cut it into bricks or stones or tear it into stones. Can you see the little nail holes?

Stacey’S Miniature Masonry Real Stone Cladding For Your Dolls House Or Model!

This short 60 Second Video shows 15 of our REAL STONE finishes you can use on your dollshouse or model, all available to buy …

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