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Masonry Industry Features

Masonry is one of the oldest building materials known to man, with a lineage that dates back to the very beginnings of recorded history. From the time of the ancients right up to today, masonry has been the material of choice in both residential and institutional construction.

Throughout the history of civilization, architects and builders have chosen masonry for its unmatched benefits of beauty, versatility and durability.Masonry construction resists fire and other natural disasters while it provides excellent sound insulation.

And the unique artistic and design capabilities afforded by masonry construction have inspired many of the world’s most significant architectural achievements. Today, after thousands of years, it is still the most versatile building material ever created.

The masonry industry is that collection of companies engaged in the production, distribution and installation of clay brick, concrete block, stone, terra cotta, tile and glass block. Typically these masonry products are installed using mortar, but there are also systems using interlocking units and special clips. In addition, there are paving applications in which no mortar is used.

The masonry industry represents approximately $20 billion in sales annually, which accounts for seven percent of the total building construction market in the United States. Employing nearly 400,000 professionals, the masonry industry is committed to the future through research and development and workforce recruitment and training programs that will ensure that masonry will continue to be the building material of choice for generations to come.

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