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Mailboxes Stone PARISH MASONRY

Texas clients with first-rate brick repairs and mortar problems.

I made what I call a moveable stone mailbox. I built it out of pressure treated lumber and but the artificial of cultured stone on it.Mailbox Repair – Mailboxes Stone MasonryOi1W63wI4Kb8wWErpq4Dw

Masonry has been restoring deteriorated chimneys for over a decade. To finish up the install, use a rubber-head mallet/hammer to firmly tap them into the surface (in my case wide cedar wood trim), securing the numbers.

Enclosing a Mailbox in Stucco Brick Column or Stone Masonry

Would be pretty darn easy on brick mailbox where surface is relative flush. Would be much easier on flat facade brick. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t exactly as shown.

Stone Pillar & Mailbox How To

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