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Jump Stands

Here shown with rock stands, see above. We can also supply keyhole track and turn logs into a pair of jump wings. We’re excited to partner with you. More than sixteen thousand copies were sold by 1807, and eight editions were published during the author’s lifetime. These guys are really good and knowledgable about their products. Received the heater right on time and we are very pleased with it’s performance. I am extremely pleased and look forward to doing business with them in the future!

Walk slowly and never run on slick ground. Test potentially slick areas by tapping your foot on them. Keep walkways clear of water, ice, oil and slippery materials. Always be sure that you can see over your load. Even a change of ¼ -½ “ can cause a trip. Relax as much as possible when you begin to fall. What are the hazards in this picture?

Also, you won’t be between the truck and the equipment. Never work under a vehicle or equipment that is supported only by a jack or stand. Vehicle and equipment operators must always look in the direction of travel. Always install safety locks or other safeguards before getting under or between two objects that have the potential of trapping you. While unloading or working on equipment, the wheels of equipment need to be pinned to hold them stationary. Replace guards after servicing and before resuming use of equipment. What kind of construction work have you done in the past, and what type of work are you interested in doing in the future? These beautiful walls are made of heavy grade exterior plywood and assembled with staples, glue and nails. I can never keep the names of paint colors strait.

Jumps West

The most expensive horse for sale you can find?

The most gaudy tack you can find?

I live, so it is time for me to start building some jumps again. It’s distracting enough to throw the horses off., or rather their riders if they’re not careful. Simple triangle as steep as you want, as many holders as you want. Here you can see a horse and rider working through a gymnastics line.

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