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Jax And Design N.FL. Concrete Flooring Staining

Jax  And Design N.FL. Concrete Flooring Staining.
We are licensed, bonded and insured. Pics of his work were stolen from internet. He did not prepare the concrete floors properly and kept asking for money for supplies so he is obviously small time barely making it business. The shop he bought the materials from even stated he would buy it, then return it. I will be acquiring more of his services. Promax is fully insured and offers generous warranties on construction services.

Concrete Technology and Masonry Structures Numerical”// NTFON TV.Sunny Wroten – Jax Concrete And Masonry Design

Jax  And Design N.FL. Concrete Flooring Staining.

I hired him for epoxy metallic flooring. He was rarely on time and the project was days late.

N.FL. Concrete Flooring and Staining

Jax Concrete And Masonry Design
What is the purpose of the wall? Every concrete construction project is carefully managed from start to finish by one of our knowledgeable project managers. Reef pavers builds outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and retaining walls. The neighborhood civic association is interested in getting estimates for the repair job. I have a standard 2 car driveway but my house is on a slight incline. Need fixed, house inspection for sale says need repair.

Introduction To Structural Masonry

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