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Increase Draught In A Chimney

If the chimney short and for any reasons cannot be made higher, but thus it has sufficient section, it is possible to install the electric device for compulsory smoke removal.

It is installed on the top part of a chimney and represents the turbine with the electric motor.

The turbine is turning on from a premise. Such device will allow to compensate a height lacks, and sometimes a sections of the chimney.

The chimney considerably higher a normal height can disappoint the user of a chimney. Such chimney creates so high fussed in the hearth, that the fireplace cannot be adjusted to slow burning. Even at completely closed channels of an air flow in a fire chamber, wood willquickly burn through. In such cases the draught stabilizer will be installed. Once adjusted, it works automatically.

On account of strong fussed air in the bottom part of chimney the draught stabilizer will be slightly opened, and cold air of a premise is mixed with hot departing gases, moving in a chimney.

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