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How To Extend Mantelg22

If starting from scratch is more than you want to tackle, consider buying a premade mantel shelf or kit.

Because of all the trees behind it are higher, this chimney is too low, which causes down drafting where the smoke travels back …Brick and Mortar Fireplace Insert Hearth Designs Masonry Makeover – How To Extend Masonry Mantelg22W4eBOI220PEPgIWW6AM

Where venting only one appliance, two flues shall be permitted to adjoin each other in the same chimney with only the flue lining separation between them.

Rectangular chimney flues with an aspect ratio less than 2 to 1 shall have a minimum net cross-sectional area of 1/10 of the fireplace opening.

The height of the opening shall be not less than 6 inches (152 mm). Figure 1001.1, which shows examples of typical construction. Residential-type appliances (general). Flue linings for specific appliances. Masonry chimney cleanout openings.

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