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Held Saws Hand Off

Held Saws Hand Off. Edge Cutting Blade
If you ned to cut through concrete, stone, brick or pavers faster and more efficiently, use hand held cut off saws. You can even cut through metal pipe with ductile iron blade. We offer a wide selection of very high quality hand held concrete saws. But concrete strength isn’t your only concrete cutting challenge. Have question about a concrete cutting tools?

Want advice on which saw to select for the material you’re cutting through?

Blade is a classic dry blade for reinforced concrete, hard bricks, limestone, terrazzo and other hard materials. Rust-resistant brackets and fasteners keep this saw in great shape for years. Cutting can continue until required depth is reached, up to 16in. Great for cutting egress windows in basements. I have read a ton of reviews about cutting this stuff and all of them stated that it was a pain to cut and the dust is extremely bad for your health.

The water line fitting hat sprays water on to both sides of the blade is plastic and feels like the same plastic used in drip line irrigation fittings.

Hand Held Cut Off Saw

Hand Held Masonry Saws
The water cooling/dust systems is just not thought out well – it seems like an after thought boogered on to what appears to be a very well built saw.

I would not buy it again as it is a bit unwieldy for my job, but if you need to cut horizontal surfaces – especially where you can clamp a guide it would work great – but would be quite messy.

We cut it into 3 pieces to make vanity tops for master bath, guest/hall bath, and parcel shelf above washer and dryer in the laundry room.

The marble didn’t cut all that well and there was some chipping. There are no clear instructions on how to attach the cheap plastic water attachment. There are two mounting screws that extend beyond the edge of the base that interfere with even 1/2” material used as a guide. I had to crosscut and rip my pieces and this flaw made that very difficult. Also, if they had rolled the metal edge of the base where you would ride up against a straight edge, that would make it less likely to slip under the straight edge.

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