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Halfen  SUPPORT SYSTEM. Support Structure Load
To ensure that such a façade remains durable over the long term, the dead load of the outer skin of brick must be transferred to the building structure.

Different brackets are available which permit either assembly on the top or on the edge of concrete slabs. Installation remains simple and flexible with its tried and tested fine-tuning and adjustment possibilities. Halfen Brickwork Support – Halfen Masonry Support

Halfen  SUPPORT SYSTEM. Support Structure Load

Our product ranges have achieved an excellent reputation for providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to the requirements of modern building and construction. Loads can be safely set into concrete in any direction. Decorative, impressive façade structures create a refined image and stand for value retention and quality. There are no products for your query. Direct reading of moisture for[…] only one model support wood, plaster, masonry,?

With effective planning our aim is to keep the thermal heat bridges as small as possible. The system also ensures optimum load distributioninto the main structure.

You need to be logged in to download the course materials. Three dimensional adjustability is obtained utilizing oversized holes. If the right to sport is granted by constitution, then the responsibility of the state in respect of sport, as well as its participation in and support of physical education and sport are unquestionable.

Each side of the short bracket provides ample support for a brick. The brackets are then fixed with mortar in the recesses. The maximum allowable height of the brick cladding supported by the brackets is 3.00 m. The resulting longitudinal expansion and contraction of the roof structure are solved with sliding bearings between the slab and the supporting structure. Longitudinal movements would result in cracks in the brick cladding if attached directly to the roof parapet. Embed the end wall tie in the mortar of the wall joint. The foam is easily removed using a suitable tool (e.g. The perforations in the anchors optimise anchorage with the mortar.


Halfen Masonry Support
Adjust the height of the support bracket. Install the dowel according to the approval. Only use suitable, approved dowels in cracked concrete (e.g. Where the support is interrupted (e.g. Outer skins with a thickness of 115 mm should be supported in vertical intervals of about 12 m. If the 115 mm thick outer skin is not higher than two floors or it is supported every two floors, it may project up to 38 mm from its bearing.

These exterior skin may protrude a maximum of 15 mm from the load bearing support. For the joints of the facing surface, smooth pointing is required (no separate pointing). System for non-cracked concrete and brickwork.

Halfen Usa Brickwork Support Systems

HALFEN is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of anchoring systems for the construction and engineering …

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