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Grand Rapids BBB Accredited Chimney Repair

Grand Rapids BBB Accredited Chimney Repair. Knowledgeable Burn
On all of our masonry projects, we offer a no-obligation, free consultation. We can make custom arch doors or factory built glass doors.
Simply fill out this form and you’ll hear from our friendly service team shortly.
Most homeowners don’t even realize when their chimney crown is cracked. The obvious reason to use brick or stone is for their classic beauty. If your vision is to leave a legacy of success, brick will satisfy your mission statement. Brick is part of a great business plan.  We specialize in chimney repair and chimney cleaning. I strive for perfection in my craft and my quality speaks for itself.

Roossien Masonry – Masonry Repair Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids BBB Accredited Chimney Repair. Knowledgeable Burn

I prompted him to give me some examples of other jobs that he is capable of.

BBB Accredited Chimney Repair near Grand Rapids MI

Masonry Repair Grand Rapids
The answer to this question depends on what fuel you use. Generally, if you use wood, it’s good to have the chimney cleaned at least every 6-12 months (more often if you burn two or more cords of wood, or if you burn green wood). Problems in the furnace or boiler can cause highly sooty conditions in the chimney. The fumes they produce are cooler and produce higher levels of water vapor than previous models, and this vapor, in-turn, produces more water condensation. The acid-water condensates from these latest natural gas furnaces cause more flue deterioration than previous models.  First of all, if you have a fireplace, wood stove or furnace, you should always have a working carbon monoxide detector.
Carbon monoxide is produced whenever gas, oil, kerosene, wood or charcoal is burned. Just like you check and change the oil in your car regularly, this is why you inspect and clean your chimney/fireplace.
We have expanded not only our geographical reach, but also our range of products and services as well.
They informed me of a problem with creosote and clearly explained our options to rectify the problem. Great service and honest answers without any up selling. The inspectors were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. The guys were extremely knowledgeable and explained things well. They have great equipment to ensure your chimney is in great working condition!
Very helpful and informative!

Very knowledgeable and professional.
We’re happy to pass your name on to our friends!
Jason is really terrific to work with, reliable, and very knowledgeable!

In particular, the inspections on the prospective investment properties have been worth every penny to properly evaluate cost of improvements. Top notch from start to finish!!!

They were able to show us with their cameras the cracks in our chimney flues that needed attention and re-sealing. We are happy with the service rendered.
 Inspectors said it was just settling and it was nothing to worry about. Would definitely use this business again.
He gave attention to every small detail and… read more 5.

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