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Fireplace Vs Prefab Modular Masonry Fireplaces

Your fireplace is likely either masonry built, or zero clearance. Keep me up to date on special offers, new products, maintenance tips and more.
Open fireplaces are not at all efficient; in fact, they pull more heated air out of your house than radiant heat they put into your room.

Burning firewood produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as it has absorbed during its life cycle.
Masonry fireplaces use a firebox to house the burning logs (in wood-burning applications) and a flue to vent smoke and soot to the outside via the chimney.

Many outdoor prefab fireplaces emulate the substantial appearance of masonry models. Many homeowners who need to stay within a specific budget range for their outdoor projects look to prefab fireplaces as a low-cost alternative. Without question, prefab outdoor fireplaces create a unique outdoor ambiance that can appeal to your family or guests. A fireplace can provide a cozy setting for small-group conversations or a backdrop for a large party.
There are certain building requirements which dictate various aspects of the unit, and fireplaces are inspected to ensure they are up to code.

They also are regulated and must be built according to applicable engineering codes.  For safe operation of these appliances, they must be installed properly.  Our professional chimney sweeps are trained and qualified to install factory-built fireplaces according to manufacturers’ instructions.
Factory-built fireplaces can last for many years, but they are much less durable. That’s when a prefabricated fireplace may be the best solution. The interior of the fireplace is made of brick or stone, and the chimney is also brick. Factory-built fireplaces have chimneys extending through the roof. Prefab fireplaces are extensively factory-tested for safety. You must be sure that replacement parts are made for your specific fireplace, or risk a house fire.

Modular Masonry Fireplaces

Some prefab fireplaces burn wood, some gas, some both. Installing a prefab fireplace requires the construction of a surround. He asked me what was the difference between fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Nowadays, a lot of new homes have gas fireplaces, but the standard for older homes is usually wood burning.
It seems that these days, we are never without options. As shown in the diagram, these systems have a metal firebox with precast refractory panels.  You may also see a metal “shoe box lid” covering the chimney top — this is known as a “chase cover” — and a round chimney cap.

Prefabricated fireplaces/factory-built fireplaces and chimneys can last for years, but keep in mind they are appliances. Very pleasing to look at; quite a few homeowners like the looks of the traditional fireplace over the prefabricated fireplaces.
While they used to be considered the best around that has been shown to be an old myth.

Do I have a Masonry Fireplace or a Prefab Fireplace? Prefab Fireplaces (Metal Fireboxes) Also known as Zero Clearance or …Masonry Fireplace Kits – Masonry Fireplace Vs Prefab

Fireplace Vs Prefab Modular Masonry Fireplaces. Outdoor Metal Masonry Fireplace

Isokern is the perfect choice for interior or exterior installations where masonry is required for longevity.
Generally the firebox has little to no metal, and may or may not have doors. It’s heat you control, and efficiency you will appreciate.  This is a question we get asked a lot. Wood is a renewable resource, and is carbon-neutral…making it an environmentally-friendly fuel choice, too.
Unlike a masonry fireplace, these fireboxes normally do not need special structural support, and can be retrofitted into an existing room.
And our zero-clearance fireplaces are not only functional…they are beautiful too!

Getting to know the key benefits of prefab outdoor fireplaces helps ensure you make the right purchase decision for your needs and budget.
For example, larger size outdoor fireplaces kits usually cost more than their smaller prefab counterparts. These logs also feature tiny gas holes that simulate flames running along the length of the log. Screws that are run through the metal flange of the fireplace and into the wood of the surround efficiently mount the unit in place.

Doors can be either an inside mount or overlap mount.
The inside of a factory-built fireplace is usually made from solid sheets of metal. A chase cover, which resembles a shoe box lid, may perch atop the chimney.
Expect your prefab fireplace to last for up to 15 years.
However, prefab fireplaces have metal flues, which are often simpler to clean than brick chimneys. The old bricks and mortar of masonry chimneys need to be regularly coated with water repellent to avoid crumbling. One great solution to increase the efficiency of an existing masonry fireplace is to have a fireplace insert installed right in the existing firebox.

These smart appliances have air-cooled pipes, insulated walls, and can also have glass doors. There are some distinct differences, however, between a masonry fireplace and one that is built in the factory.
Factory-built fireplaces are manufactured in factories.  For a homeowner, the most critical factor regarding factory-built fireplaces is installation.  While factory-built units can last for many years, they ultimately need to be replaced.  What usually happens is that various replacement parts are no longer available.
Many people today are opting to get stainless steel chimney liners, since they usually carry a lifetime warranty.  Most are constructed of metal and have glass doors, insulated walls, air-cooled pipes, and blowers which can move the heat produced by the fire into the room. 

Now you just have to decide what type of fireplace to install.
Atlanta homeowners face is choosing between the two. They take up a lot of space, so adding them to a room can limit how you can arrange the furniture. Over time, parts can wear out and ultimately need to be replaced.
While you may not see the difference at first glance, there are many styles that make inserts and mason fireplace look very similar. We have received your message and will get back to you shortly.

Prefabricated Masonry Fireplace

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