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Fairfield Ct Fireplace Chimney Masonry

Fairfield Ct Fireplace Chimney Masonry. Team
For these reasons, tuckpointing and masonry repairs are something that you must expect when you own masonry chimney. Masonry can undoubtedly make any space look spectacular. As such, if you plan to remodel your house or construct a new one, here is a closer look at a host of benefits to using natural stone.

We want to help you make the right decision for your project by providing you with the information you need to get the results you want.

The application possibilities of masonry in a landscape, for either functional or decorative needs, both insdie and outside, is limited only by your imagination.

Have you checked your chimney lately?

He came the next day, and was very thorough, including cleaning up at the end.

Nardi Masonry and Paving – Masonry Fairfield Ct

Fairfield Ct Fireplace Chimney Masonry. Team

Excellent work and good people to work with. When we met to review the job, he asked good questions and offered helpful suggestions on the best approach to take on the job and the materials he would be using.

Fireplace and Chimney Masonry

Masonry Fairfield Ct
He also did some repair work on our chimney. While the final bill was higher than their estimate, it was still very reasonable for the amount of work that they did. Craig is very hands-on with his skilled team. We had a hard time getting them here because of the hurricane. We really appreciated he and his team prioritizing our work and being able to start the project sooner than expected. Once we reviewed the original estimates and quotes, it all ended well. I like the look of slate on the top because my neighbor has slate/bluestone and looks nice.

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