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Exterior Wall Thickness Types Walls

Their weight is also a problem in high-rise buildings. Note that wooden surrounds have been installed around door openings. Gypsum sheet is not very strong, however, so a powerful kick can crack or break it. They should extend past the window or door opening about 20% of their length, or a minimum of 20 cm.

Types of Walls

In block walls the lintels should overlap the opening ½ the length of a block on either side of the frame. However, they must be attached to the outer walls. But it is usually better and easier to build all the walls at the same time. Often it enables the builder to construct thinner walls and save money on materials. Ring beams are mandatory in earthquake areas. They are fastened to each other by lightweight flexible wire and are wired in place temporarily until the concrete is poured. This means that, for example, a 10 cm.

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