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ECO SCRUB™ Free Masonry

ECO SCRUB™ Free Masonry.
The intent of this chapter is to analyze conventional and alternative fuels used to produce ceramic masonry units, in particular bricks, considering the manufacturing plant as a system boundary.

Masonry is a tree, and has many, many points in it. Brick production data of several countries is included. India with a much-needed substitution for this unsustainable practice. In this way, we can have a global impact in the reduction of a variety of environmental burdens—creating value where there was initially only waste.

by Michael Laracy, Thomas Poinot and Benjamin Miller 2nd Annual Course 1 Video Competition.Eco Brick Permeable Paver – Eco Masonry

ECO SCRUB™ Free Masonry.

Excellent choice for residential projects, too. This allows substrates to still cure and prevents moisture from being trapped which can lead to a rapid degradation of the substrate. In addition, it’s easily permeated by water vapor which in traditional paints would cause flaking.

ECO SCRUB™ Acid Free Masonry Cleaner

Eco Masonry
This chapter includes the contribution for the reduction of heat energy needs for buildings, the reduction of embodied energy and also the production of masonry bricks and blocks with the incorporation of industrial wastes.

India’s coal consumption and hundreds of millimeters of topsoil erosion. India with the resources to not only reduce the production of these energy intensive building materials, but to also curb the dumping of certain industrial wastes by recycling them into a more sustainable brick.

Current work is focused on formula optimization and durability testing.

Spraying it with my garden sprayer seemed like a good idea and it turned out to be the right way to go.

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