Designing Fireplace

Considering fireplace designing first of all it is necessary to take care of a correct design and a chimney arrangement. In fireplace system it’s carries out function of lungs, being responsible for proper air circulation.

If a building is already constructed, it will require review of available chimney on a site. On its suitability should draw a conclusion the expert and give recommendations about compatibility of the given chimney with the chosen design of a fireplace, to point out the defects and ways of their elimination.

If a house is not exist yet and exist only on a plan – the task is easier: together with the architect to put up in the project a design which will be combined with the chosen fireplace, used materials and owner’s finances.

Masonry Design

We encourage our clients to look to the past when come to a decision on masonry design ideas in brick. Today new brick homes are frequently lacking of masonry design compared to masonry of old times.

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