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Corbelling. Smooth Pool
These exposed brick holes cause chimney leaks which can only be fixed if a slate or concrete cap is installed over the existing “stair stepped” bricks after they are cleaned, creating a smooth surface where water cannot pool, and finally waterproofed.

A chimney corbel is one of the chimney construction details that may sometimes be overlooked by an inexperienced builder that causes more trouble than its worth.

Freeze-thaw damage is a real killer of masonry structures like a chimney where water is able to pool. I have seen them install angle irons under it as a fix. When looking at wood corbels, the key feature to focus upon is corbel depth. Structural corbeling has fallen out of general use in contemporary architecture. Russian structural and decorative element. This later became a decorative feature, without the openings.

The idea is to shed water, not to hold it.Brick Chimney Construction – Masonry Corbelling

Corbelling. Smooth Pool

A chimney shoulder or corbel should be smooth and allow water to run off instead of pool. In situations like these the likelihood is for the corbel to crack instead of cause a water problem.

Masonry Corbelling
I would let the professional handle this project but go to the negotiation table knowing exactly what type of work he should be performing.

I wrote in the report to have a stuctural engineer investigate. Mayan pyramids were constructed of brick faced with stone veneers. Meanwhile, polyurethane corbels are very resistant to damage and usually last quite a long time. Beautiful corbels are a vastly under-utilized architectural element these days. French word meaning crow, because of the corbel’s beaklike shape. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article.

The pictured brick misses that by a little in the worst spots.

Corbels And Recesses

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