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It is very possible that we have made similar tuckpointing projects, in which case we know how to properly perform your requested service. We so appreciated his manner and the work was done as specified. When a tree fell on my house a few years ago, the roof was severely damaged. We consider ourselves to be more than masons. The durabiltiy of concrete construction will ensure your project will remain structurally sound for years. Versatility is also important in that concrete can be colored, stamped, or stenciled to create a variety of textures and decorative finishes.

These awards prove how much we value the quality of our work.
Rob, was a pleasure to work with and the work crew was terrific — punctual, polite and terrific attention to detail. Chicago is exactly what you need right now!

Creative Design Construction Inc. Chicago, IL, 60604 (708) 290-3264 Central IL 60603 , Chicago Loop IL 60602 , River North ILChicago Masonry Company – Masonry Contractor Chicago North

Contractor  North BART Tuckpointing Chicago.

Very knowledgeable in all aspects of the trades. Restore your exteriors from the effects of severe weather, ground and building movement, and other environmental factors. We enjoy every aspect of it, from construction to repairs. You will start your experience by discussing your project with trained masonry & tuckpointing contractors. You can be sure to receive our ideas and advice regarding your masonry project.
The cost of stamped or imprinted concrete is often considerably lower than the materials it is a substitute for. Services include tuckpointing, caulking/sealant, brick & terra cotta repairs.
I decided to use them 25 years ago to do our exterior painting. Fortune and his team not only diagnosed exactly the cause of our problem but then worked quickly and thoroughly to restore the stone. We are here to assist you with all your masonry questions and projects. They did it quickly and effectively and now it looks better than ever!
They also do an excellent job cleaning up, unlike my last contractor. I was worried about a mess but after a tear off the yard was spotless which was a pleasant surprise. Very professional and will use again for any masonry needs, including an annual inspection of our building. We look forward to working with you. Chicago area property, our masonry contractors will learn more about the project that you have in mind, and can answer all of the questions you have about tuckpointing and masonry restoration services.

Corporation is a full service masonry contractor that solves city violations from start to finish. They redid the concrete in front of my garage and they went the extra mile to re-do… read more8.  I don’t fully trust that the contractor and his or her employees are keeping track… read more10.  Major masonry damages can lead to walls crumbling entirely and needing to be rebuilt from the ground up. However, without proper care and maintenance, masonry can easily fall into disrepair. Tuck pointing is a necessary repair that can prevent masonry structures from falling into unrepairable states. Rather, tuckpointing can be a purely aesthetic procedure. One color matches the brick while the second color is used for the appearance of the mortar joint. This process was popular in the late eighteenth century, when it was invented, but is not often used in the modern day and age.

Now, repointing is the process that involves the repair of a masonry structure. This is a very important repair for any masonry structure, as the structural integrity of any masonry relies on the mortar. Chicago is abundant with masonry structures. When it doubt, ask for a professional opinion. We hope that you have had a great experience working with us and are confident that our employees have taken care of everything to the standards we expect.

When project doesn’t go his way, he loses his mind. In addition, we were in a huge hurry and despite their 4-6 week backlog, they were able to fit us into the schedule right away with an opening that came up.

Nick came out in a timely manner, very professional, great responsiveness. Once he gets started on your job, he works continuously. I knew instantly was a man of integrity and worthy of my trust.

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About 75 bricks and 2 cap stones were broken or displaced.
The broken section of the wall was taken down. He is knowledgeable, professional, and most of all he is punctual. Mariusz continues to do work for me to this day. Always polite and personable, he was truly a blessing to work with. I had my flashing repair and aluminum coating put on my roof. Eugene was professional, on time, & did a lot of work for the money. The job was done perfectly and in a timely manner, from the cabinet installments to the paint job. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of the trades. He delivered on time which is very hard for many contractors to do!

He explained the process, type of material, breakdown of cost and expenses. They were meticulous in all areas of the project–from matching the bricks and mortar to cleaning up all work areas thoroughly each day. Danny were highly skilled and very friendly. Sam did a huge job on my condo building of roofing and tuckpointing and rebuilding parapet. Chicago construction industry for. ..
The building is is a three flat and there are about 7 rows of brink at the top of the chimney which need attention.

Ed stopped by the next day to give me an estimate. They were prompt, professional and did an excellent job. Edmar was very experienced in this line of work. John for other things that they wanted fixed, which he did even though they were not in the contract. They were all business when they came. Edmar with all my repairs and will definitely continue to use them in the future.  Ed the owner was also great to work with in the contractual process.  I will definitely use them again for future projects. Because of walkway dipped over time, stoop was really high. These guys did a great job on my chimney. Edward came out with a quote quickly, arranged for the work efficiently and under budget. The guys work like a well-oiled machine, the work fast and the building looks brand new. He moved our back door from off the kitchen to off the family room which we like so much better because we have more cabinet space now and he used some of the brick from the new opening to patch the old opening.

The only thing was that there are some morter stains on a few bricks in that one area where they repaired the cracks that my husband is not happy about, and he point it out every day now.

Peter and crew were very professional and did an excellent job installing a new sliding glass door for us. I felt at ease choosing them given how long they’ve been in the business. Very professional and great work on rebuilding my chimney. Edmar on yelp and the experience was awesome from start to finish.  We were provided a written estimate on the spot.  Quality work and excellent service!!

Ed stopped by to check it out and told us that the chimney had to be rebuilt above the roofline. They even tuckpointed a few areas around the house where the mortar was cracked and loose (without an extra charge). Will only use them for future masonry projects.  Sometimes it feels like tradesmen are not very interested in taking our business.  They even did some extra work at no charge to remove some paint off the brick where a gutter used to hang.  We had a storm a couple days after the tuckpointing was done.  The front gate post is bolted onto the front of the house and that cedar fence post snapped off.  Of course they had not tuckpointed behind the fence post, so now that much lighter mortar color was exposed.  So they came back at no charge within a week and tuckpointed that spot.  This small house got treated like a big deal (which it is to me). Edmar did some work for our condo building.  The owner of the firm came out himself multiple times to ensure that the work was done correctly.

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Tuckpointing (847) 724-5600 Edmar Corporation provides tuckpointing in Chicago

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