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Concrete Masonry Restoration Milwaukee

Concrete Masonry Restoration Milwaukee. Restoration
We determine why you are having a problem, do testing if required and prepare a detailed, yet easily interpreted, proposal to do the work. Our restoration masons will impress the most demanding client and quality requirements. We are also set up to cut our historical brick to make thin veneer for interior as well as exterior applications. Andrews is built upon a sense of responsibility and a dedication to balancing service and product, even within the most ambitious timelines.

His futuristic outlook also fueled a desire to give older buildings new purpose. Matching old aggregated concrete presents a challenge for contractors. Lineal feet of deteriorated structural steel and relocating it back to the floor lines, adding in lintels and stainless steel flashing to the entire building along with new control joints – all while the building was fully occupied.

How long does the approval process take? Very impressive for a section of the building the people rarely see.

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They will match your colors!

We enjoy reviewing many historic restoration projects bringing beautiful mosaic and tile work back to life. Over time many repairs are implemented using non-breathable repair mortars and coatings that are now failing.

Concrete and Masonry Restoration in Milwaukee WI

These is no other method for understanding what cleaning product, dwell time, and how many applications are necessary unless testing is undertaken as a first step.

Lime washed walls produces a unique surface glow due to the refraction of calcite crystals. Materials proudly promotes concrete construction. We offer a range of masonry and concrete bricks. Restoration is made up of professional craftsmen who take pride in every aspect of their work. This enables the sealer to penetrate and seal more effectively. We blend our own all-natural mortar, limewash, and plaster products using classic methods that have withstood the test of time, allowing for seamless repairs to historic structures.

There is no blasting media residue to be managed or cleaned up, like there is with sand or bead blasting. The house has beautiful oak woodwork throughout, and he has been very respectful not to damage it while getting down the wallpaper and painting the walls.

He even took down our railings, cleaned and varnished them so they look like new!

He’s quick but mindful, ensuring a quality job. David is always willing to listen to what you have to say about the job at hand; he consults with great kindness, while offering suggestions and helping you to see what is possible beyond the task at hand, and ultimately does what is asked of him.

He is easy to work with and has a great attitude!

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